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Published on June 21st, 2016 | by maxbloggs


Dab – What is the ‘dab’ dance and why is everyone doing it?

Dab dance – It seem’s a new dance craze has swept through professional sports across the world!

Urban Dictionary tell us the Dab dance is –

‘A type of dance (move) when one crosses one

arm diagonally across their chest and the other arm is

straight and diagonally extended outwards from their body.’

The new craze seems to be most popular with teenagers, football players, and dancers. It has gone so far that even Hillary Clinton has been ‘Dabbing’!


So far as we know the dance apparently originated from Migros, a rap group from Atlanta. Since it has spread across the world to the Premier League!

Forget about Pogba! We want to see you Dab!

We want to see you dabbing! Share with us on Facebook and Twitter your Dabbing videos, we want to find the best dabber!

We might have already found potential winners!



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