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Football’s Back!

This Branch News was originally posted in MCFCSC Hazel Grove.

(This article was originally published in Geoff’s Blog on 21 August 2012)

 New season, New website, New Fantasy League. NEW CHAMPIONS. And doesn’t that title ‘Champions’ still have a fantastic feeling to it? I’m still buzzing from the experience. That Aguero goal is one I swear you’ll never get tired of seeing. No matter who you support, that goal and Martin Tyler’s commentary, whenever you see it or just hear it, it will evoke never to be forgotten memories. For me it will go down in the annals of legendary commentary. Forget ’They think it’s all over’ bring on Martin Tyler’s ‘I swear’.

In thisweeks BBC 3 programme highlighting the best 50 moments of the past 20 years ofthe Premier League, it was no surprise to see Robbie Savage select the momentthat City won the title. And let’s be honest, didn’t the hairs stand up on theback of the neck?  Despite what somepeople might think, football fans do have lives away from their sportingheroes. They have all experienced events in their lives that are memorable.Some good, some not so good and some that are just so amazing that they neverleave the memory bank. Just like watching City really! And that Superb Sundaywill be with each and every City fan for eternity.

OnSunday  the 19th August 2012,it all starts again. A new challenge. I can’t wait to sample the atmosphere isinside the ground. I believe this is the start of something big for us Blues.If we thought the last 2 or 3 seasons were full of expectation then this seasonis going to be one of massive expectation. But with expectation can comefrustration. If we have an off day when chances and goals are hard to come by,we have to remain positive and not become despondent. We have to remainconfident without being arrogant. We are starting to believe we can be thebest.


 I said last season after the opening home gameof the season against Swansea, that that team was the best City side I’veseen  in over 45 years of watching City.I believed it then and I know that now. I’ve waited so many years to be able to say ‘ thanks for the memories,Belly, Buzzer, Nelly, Franny etc, etc ’ and now I can. Memorable as it was, it’stime to have some new heroes. I know I’ll never forget those mentioned and in 5or 10 years time, I only hope I’m remembering the likes of Kompany, Balotelli,Aguero, Tevez, Hart etc etc  with thesame fondness.  I can’t wait for the timewhen me and my boys are talking about seeing this City player and that Cityplayer for the same reasons they ask me about watching my heroes from the 60’sand 70’s. There’s only so much you can take in watching the like of  a Rob Taylor, Alan Kernaghan, Corradi,Charvet or Samaras!!! 


Have agreat season. Enjoy and hope that whatever you wish from City, you get.


But beforeI close, let me just finish on this…..


Manchester City are still alive here…….Balotelli…..Agueroooooooooooo……Iswear you’ll never see anything like it again. So watch it. Drink it in. Twogoals in added time for Manchester City to snatch the title from ManchesterUnited. Stupendous!



Geoff Stevenson


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