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Published on January 28th, 2013 | by webmaster


Remembering Nelly

February 3rd 2013 marks exactly 2 years since the passing of City legend, Neil Young. City play Liverpool on that date with a 4:00 PM KO.

Neil’s widow, Carmen Young will be at the Etihad at 3:00 PM prior to the game to lay some flowers at the Garden of Remembrance in memory of Neil. Carmen extends an invitation to any supporters who may wish to join her at the Garden of Remembrance at the laying of flowers. Supporters are also welcome to bring tributes to Nelly if they wish.

It has also been suggested that fans wear the Red and Black shirts for this game.

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3 Responses to Remembering Nelly

  1. mancitydad says:

    Its really lovely that city did a tribute for my late father! It is very hurtful that his children never got an invite! We still miss our dad very much and there isnt a day that goes by that we dont think about him, Neil;s grandson Jack is very hurt as he loved his grandad and is a huge supporter of man city and a big fan of his grandad, he would of loved to be there and see everyone applaud him at the game, we even tried to buy tickets but they were sold out..Its a shame that City being a huge club seem to forget about Neils children on every occasion that they do a tribute for him, yet they only invite his third wife who wasnt even around when our dad played football!. Terrible shame that his children cant be involved..shame on you city!

  2. jessie1 says:

    I agree, his kids should be there remembering there father! It seems as though Carmen is using neils fame to use for herself, it is pretty funny that she wasnt around when he was playing football,yet she seems to be going to the games. she should do the right thing and let Neils kids be involved, Shame on city for not inviting his children. They should be invited to all his memorials and games. I knew Neils first wife Margaret, yes they got divorced after 25 years, but actually it should be her that gets invited with neils children to the games, as they were with him through the years he was with City! Shame on you carmen for not inviting them, and shame on your city for not inviting them either!

  3. sharon smith says:

    what the hell is carmen doing there, she wasnt even around when neil was playing footy…it should be neils real family and children remebering neil.Except i heard she has band all of his children from speaking about him..disgraceful…you ought to be ashamed of yourself carmen, give it up you have a new boyfreind didnt take you long..let neils kids remeber him in peace as they were with him throughout the city years..City should give those tickets to his real family or carmen should give them his gradchildren…his proper grandchildren who idolized him

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