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Paul Lake and Premiership Trophy in Malta

This Branch News was originally posted in MCFCSC Malta (Cactus Bar).

27th January 2013 – What a memorable day this has been!

Let’s go back in time and see what happened shall we?

It was a bright sunny morning and our lovely supporters started coming to the Cactus Bar.  Everyone was excited that after years and years of trophy drought, we were going to have the magnificent Barclay’s English Premier League Trophy at our club.  The Cactus Bar was all set up and ready for the biggest event it had ever hosted in the 2 years it has been running.

Preperations Underway

Preperations Underway

Noon struck and the car bringing the trophy and former Manchester City player Paul Lake and the two security men, pulled up infront of our club.  All the City supporters present at the time went mad, everyone started singing, clapping, all excited they were there to experience it.  The assembly of the trophy was an amazing thing to experience! Suspense and excitement spread around the club as the trophy was revealed and assembled piece by piece.  When the crown was put on top and the security stepped away to reveal the ginarmous and detailed trophy – the Cactus Bar exploded with singing, clapping and horns once again.


It was then time for the people present to start having their picture taken with the trophy by the professional photographer  who volunteered to come for free on the day.  There were around 80 families throughout the afternoon and every person was definitely thrilled by the whole experience.  Paul Lake was present for a couple of hours to sign the fan’s memorabilia and we even got him to leave a mark on one of the club’s rug and banner.


After the photography session was over, it was time for Julian Holland to interview Paul Lake.  Supporters at the club participated heartily in the question and answer session that followed.  Other special guests were invited for this memorable event namely, the Mayor of St.Pauls Bay, Professor Calvagna and the British High Commissioner Rob Luke.  After this interview, the chairman of the MCFC Malta branch, Paul Sammut, presented a souvenir of the day to all the special guests.

The MCFC Malta branch supporters have a big heart when it comes to helping out others through charity.  Apart from collecting money to cover the expenses to bring the Premiership trophy to Malta, we also collected and presented the sum of 1000Euro to Puttinu Cares(Malta) and the sum of 500Euro to CITC.


The night ended with a live broadcast on the national Maltese channel, TVM.


What a day this has been! We would never have dreamt to experience such a memorable event!

From here, we would like to take the opportunity to thank all the 2012-2013 committee members, namely Paul Sammut, Suzanne Henry, Rudolph Gatt, Ronald Cachia, Christabel Cachia, Adrian Mercieca, Barbara Drinkwater and Keith and Jenny Bray, for all working so hard in making this event such a success.

We would also like to thank Jason Axisa for offering his services as the club photographer and Julian Holland for carrying out such an interesting interview.

Last but not least, on behalf of the committee, we would like to thank YOU dear members and supporters for always being generous and showing interest in whatever we do!



Christabel – Committee Member 2012/2013


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