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Joe Doherty’s April newsletter

This Branch News was originally posted in MCFCSC Kent.

The Mancs Kipper

Throw Magoo back at United:

You may have heard of a cartoon character in a United magazine called ‘Bertie Magoo the Bitter Blue,’ which is why United fans call us ‘the Berties’.

So, who is Bertie? He is portrayed as a middle-aged man with a sky blue nose with the word ‘loser’ written on it and wears a t-shirt that says ‘Bell better than Best’ (what’s so wrong with that?!) written across it. He also speaks with a strong Mancunian accent (interesting that this is a source of ridicule for United fans); calling City ‘Citeh’. This would appear to United fans to be a stereotypical blue; moody, bitter and with a strong Manc accent.

Apart from the ‘loser’ tag, what’s wrong with Bertie? It is to be hoped that the ironic humour that has always marked a significant difference between the red and blue halves of Manchester will be around long into the re-birth of City as a successful team. Judging by the frequent singing of the famous chant ‘We never win at home’, the humour is still a strong feature of die-hard City fans.

Maybe the Supporters’ Club should get hold of some plain sky blue t-shirts and have Bertie printed on them and wear them every derby day to wind up United fans. Any takers?


April has, so far, been an outstanding month for the blues in their quest for silverware. We entered the month off the back of an incredible thrashing of Newcastle, and so far have magnificent wins over United and Chelsea, with a lethargic win over our fellow FA cup finalists Wigan. Our best players this month have been Samir Nasri who has clearly taken Mancini’s criticism into account and Carlos Tevez who has, unsurprisingly, worked very hard every match.

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