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“The future is Blue, yours and mine.” #CTID

This Branch News was originally posted in MCFCSC Chicago.

In response to, Chicago MCFC OSC Chair, Victoria’s memories of the 2nd Division Playoff Final in 1999, her father explains the importance of supporting City through thick and thin:

Baby Blue, I had the joy of supporting City when they won the title in ‘68, the cup in ‘69, then the league cup and cup winners cup in ‘70; relegating Man United in ‘74 and the league cup win in ‘76, little knowing the next 30 years plus was going to be so dire. However, I have supported them through thin and thinner. When I stood on the Kippax and sang “we’ll support you evermore” that’s exactly what I meant. Not “as long as you keep winning, then you can have my wishy washy backing”. Because that’s what it means to be a supporter – through thick and thin. Good and bad. Highs and lows.

When I saw your tears at Wembley in ‘99, I felt that I had done to you what my dad had done to me: encouraged you to follow a team that caused such pain. But – in order to fully appreciate the highs, you must suffer the lows. I have always been proud to be a Blue, proud too that you have chosen to follow. There will be disappointments, it’s City after all, but the future is Blue, yours and mine. That is CTID.

Baby Blue and Big Dave (circa. 1979)

Baby Blue and Big Dave (circa. 1979)

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