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100 goals up! How many more will we see from City this season?

For pure technique and quality, my favourite goal of the first hundred scored this season was the Alvaro Negredo volley, over the shoulder from Yaya Toure’s through ball, in the win against West Ham. I’ve picked one, but now I’m going to contradict myself by saying that there have been so many quality strikes that it’s been impossible to pick just one.

One of my pet hates is that “wonder strikes” from 30 yards out, or more, win every “goal of the month” competition going. I can’t argue that they look spectacular, so maybe I’m in a minority of one, when I say that I often prefer a goal that involves intricate, slick passing, but sometimes finishes with a tap in.

There have been many varied goals this season, Yaya Toure’s free kicks have been a joy, Aguero’s brace in Moscow, were quality striker’s goals, one of his finishes against Tottenham, where he re-guided the ball home, and a couple of Nasri finishes, to great moves, and the always clinical Dzeko, are all moments I remember.

I asked the manager, after the win against Cardiff, for his favourite and, although reluctant to say one at first, he eventually picked out the goal at the Etihad which won the game against Crystal Palace. I bet he couldn’t even describe it, I know that what he really meant was that it was a vital goal that won a game, which made it as valuable as any of the others.

Which takes us to the real point, City haven’t won anything yet, except praise and plaudits. They’ve been noticed by Barcelona, who constantly update fans on their website of City’s goalscoring prowess, but if the Blues finish second in the Premier League and don’t win any of the Cups, will 100 goals before the end of January really have mattered?

Of course I want to see City win trophies, but for now the joy of watching a free scoring, attack minded team, entertaining me every week is enough. Trophies will come, of course they will. Will it be a quadruple this season ; I very much doubt it. I’m convinced City will win one or two trophies and will have given me as much entertainment, in one season, than any I can ever remember. That’ll do for me, and if it ends up being a quadruple, then great.

In all things in life, you can’t win everything all the time, but you can smile, savour and enjoy things and I’d rather see the Blues fail honourably than just play to win at any cost. I’m not a huge fan of the current “win at all costs” Chelsea team, for that reason.

Watching City, at the moment, is everything I’ve ever dreamed of seeing, and I can’t believe how lucky I am, to be watching and describing it each week.

I once wondered whether bringing my son Daniel up as a Blue was fair. It seemed like he was the only City fan in his class at school when he was younger, but it seems that I made the right decision.
Having said that, if City were still languishing among the also rans, they’d still be City, so I couldn’t really have gone wrong could I? 😉

Shaun Goater is my studio guest for Blue Tuesday, I’ll be at Upton Park ahead of the League Cup semi-final and we’ll be discussing those 100+ goals! and I for one will not be able to stop smiling.
Feel free to put your top 3 on the Blue Tuesday Facebook page, we’ll be reading a few out!

– Ian Cheeseman

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  1. bazzlar says:

    According to the BBC The top-flight record of goals scored during a full season in all competitions is held by Manchester United’s Busby Babes, who scored 143 goals in 1956-57.

    Can we beat it, if so it would be another bit if history taken from a club who say we have none.

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