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Published on March 31st, 2014 | by Daniel Cheeseman


4 points from 2 tough away games? Yes, Please! – The City Nitty Gritty

I, for one, would have bit anyone’s hands off who’d offered me 4 points from 2 very tough away games against United and Arsenal – so you won’t be hearingĀ any complaints from me! …well, maybe just a couple of little ones šŸ˜‰

But first, I have to point out that I thought that Fernandinho and David Silva both had brilliant games. Fernandinho intercepted and controlled possession to the highest of levels, and didn’t allow Arsenal to create many chances on the edge of our box (what he does best!). Whereas David Silva was once again found guilty of leaving our mouths bone dry – as some of his football was absolutely mouthwatering to watch, his eagle vision and magnet-like dribbling is unlike anyone I’ve ever seen play for City.

Overall, City went into the break very comfortably and could have been 2 or 3 nil up at half-time, with Joe Hart having nothing much better to do than to twiddle his thumbs inside the box (which is quite impressive in itself, considering he has gloves on!) and it looked like we were set for another somewhat “comfortable win” – but that’s when things changed.

I’m not sure how Manuel Pellegrini’s team talk went on at half-time, but I’m guessing that it didn’t mimic Arsene Wenger’s in any way. The teams seemed to completely switch roles after half time – maybe they swapped shirts in the tunnel when nobody was looking? Because in the end, I couldn’t think of a more suitable summary for this match than “a game of two halves” – ’cause that’s exactly what it was!

Arsenal started off the second half similar to how we started the game against United last Tuesday – by flooding forward – and it resulted in their equaliser in the 53rd minute. The Gunners played with the same flair, pace and passion that City had in the first half, and as a result the Blues were on the back foot for the remainder of the match – which was unexpected considering we had the chance to go top of the league on goal difference with a win at the Emirates.

I think that the main problem in the end with both teams is that they lacked a world-class striker up front, and if either team would have had one playing – it might have been enough to sway the result in their favour.

I really hope that Sergio Aguero doesn’t leave for a new club in the summer, as he has been strongly linked with the likes of Real Madrid and Barcelona in recent weeks, and with the Argentine still our top scorer in all competitions despite being out through injury for most of the season, and with the pure quality that he brings with him to every game, it would be a massive loss for us.

Overall, it was another solid away performance from the Blues, and I never felt like we were going to lose that game, even after Arsenal equalised, as the quality of the players that Manuel Pellegrini has at his disposal at this moment in time are too good to lose a game which is so important at this stage in the season.

With 8 games remaining, 24 points to play for, and Liverpool and Everton away still to come – I’m still confident that we can come out on top – as long as they play all their remaining games with the same passion and belief that they’ve had for most of the season!

Come on you Blues!!!

Daniel Cheeseman

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