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“Gunning down the Gunners” – Daniel Riordan (Guest Writer)

The buzz after the derby on Tuesday is still thriving amongst the blue half of Manchester and I personally still can’t get over the fact we’ve beaten united 3 times in a row at Old Trafford, this has never happened in my life time, however we need to forget and move on. The buzz that we got from that game needs to carry on into the player’s minds and gain a victory over Arsenal. We can look back and enjoy the games which we’ve won emphatically at the end of the season if we win the title because that’s what it comes down to now. We need to win the title to take joy from the games we’ve won because otherwise it’s just 3 points at the end of the season with nothing to show for it.

Arsenal away has always been more difficult than United I think. With a derby there’s always a hope that we can get something because anything can happen but Highbury and the Emirates have been difficult places to go to. We went 30 odd years not winning away at Arsenal up until the league cup in a couple of years ago. Times are changing as we beat them for the first time in the league last year in that same 30 odd year period. Arsenal aren’t on form at the moment. They’ve played poorly and that game at the weekend against Chelsea has damaged them. They may play great football but teams around them have learnt how to play against them. Arsenal are a team which attack and attack brilliantly but the City game earlier in the season, Liverpool and Chelsea games have proven that they’ve found a way. They tend to concede vulnerably when they go against teams and their heads bow down without an attempt at getting back.

Arsenal have been described as a Spanish style team with the way they play but maybe this factor of conceding heavily when going at teams applies in that factor. On previous blogs, I’ve spoken numerous times about the Bayern v Barcelona games and Dortmund v Madrid games in the Champions League last season, how the German teams went back at the attacking Spanish sides and scored many against them.

The way we played against United was fantastic. To attack straight away and get an early goal showed their determination and strength. It made United vulnerable throughout the game because I don’t think they expected such a start. From my last blog I actually thought United would of won the game going into it or maybe get a draw because it would have been typical of both teams with how they’ve been playing – but I was wrong. City need to take this mentality into all games away from home and if they’re able to apply it at the Emirates, it’s ours to lose.

I think the game however will be harder than the Chelsea game at home and the United game in midweek. Mainly because Arsenal play well against us on their own turf all the time. I also have a feeling Wenger’s  tatics will change for the game too because of their form. I think he’ll make the team more solid in defence and won’t try and attack as much. I think he may want Arsenal to invite the attack from City and break on the counter attack but with how our defence has been recently, I cant see it being much of a problem. Liverpool tried to apply it in the game when we played them in December but Suarez was kept at bay by both Kompany and Lescott. But like the United game I could be wrong.

City need to win against Arsenal tomorrow. A draw may be ok but we need to win. If Chelsea can do it, so can we. It’s what winning the league is all about – to be the best, you have to beat the best and Arsenal are by no means a better side than City. It’s not bias, it’s just fact, the table proves that. They’re vulnerable for goals at the moment and it’s strange to see a side like Arsenal concede so heavily every so months. It’s also strange that United beat them early in the year whilst they’re in 7th and Arsenal in 4th. It should be a good game overall as long as once again we get our tactics right and set off strong from the start.

– Daniel Riordan (Guest Writer)

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