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Published on April 28th, 2014 | by Daniel Cheeseman


More twists and turns than an episode of Lost! – The City Nitty Gritty

What a brilliant weekend. Full of twists, turns, drama and pure emotion. I know that everyone’s saying that City are the new favourites to win the title, but even if we don’t win it – it’s been one hell of a season!

I’m sure that you will all agree that nobody was expecting Chelsea to beat Liverpool at Anfield, and a big part of that was down to Mourinho’s usual mind games before the game. He has been using them all season, and his infamous “we are not in the title race” statement before and after every match seems to be getting in people’s heads, even though it is the oldest (and most obvious) trick in the book!

For the first time in 11 games the Scousers cracked under the pressure, with Stevie G the centre of it all, and their slip-up (in more ways than one!) gave the Blues yet another golden opportunity to get back on track in the title race – and they made sure that they took it this time.

But despite the 2-0 win, former Liverpool captain Graeme Souness slated City in the post-match analysis on Sky Sports, and thousands of City fans, including me, took to social media to express our thoughts…

In his opinion, he thought that the Blues didn’t react as well as they should have done to Liverpool losing to Chelsea, and that they relied on one player (Yaya Toure) to bag all 3 points. I couldn’t disagree more. I thought that the Blues put on a brilliant team performance, and if scoring after 3 minutes of playing time doesn’t show a reaction – I don’t know what does. But don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying that Yaya Toure wasn’t the star man, or didn’t put in a brilliant performance, all I’m saying is that he didn’t win the game all by himself, and with the vast number of top quality players in City’s team today – I’m confident that someone else would have stepped up to the plate if he didn’t.

I can’t stress enough how brilliant a person Pablo Zabaleta is both on the pitch, and off the pitch. His work rate and passion is unmatched by most players in world football today. I must have seen him playing in every position on the pitch at some point in the game yesterday, and he was effective every time he got the ball. I’m sure that he, along with several other players, will play a massive part in what’s left of this season, in terms of motivating the rest of the team, and fighting ’till the very end.

It’s starting to feel like the 2012 season all over again. I first started feeling it earlier in the season when we won 5-1 at Tottenham, as it was the exact same scoreline that we beat them by in 2012, with Dzeko getting his name on the scoresheet too – just as he did back then. Liverpool’s loss at home and City’s win away has given the Blues the lifeline that they desperately needed going into the last few games of the season. Ironically, it was Everton who threw City the very same lifeline 2 years ago when they secured a 4-4 draw with United at Old Trafford in the build-up to the Manchester derby the following weekend, and so in another twist of fate, the team who helped us win it back in 2012 could potentially ruin it this time round, when we play them this weekend in a game which is going to be just as significant as the United game was on the third-to-last game of the 2012 title-winning season – that’s football for you!

But as much as I want to (and I’m sure you do to) celebrate this weekend’s results – it’s far from over yet. If we somehow manage to bag 3 points from the game against Everton on Saturday, we cannot take any of the remaining games lightly – and they should all be treated as if they were a cup final.

Whatever happens, it looks like it’s going to be another nail-biting end to another fantastic Premier League season, and no doubt it is going to go the very last kick of the game – just like it did in 2012!

Come on City!!!

– Daniel Cheeseman

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