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“Title not over regardless of result” – Daniel Riordan

Tension and adrenaline is running high once again as another clichéd title decider approaches. On Sunday, City travel to Anfield in an attempt to close down the points gap. Liverpool are currently on 74 points, top the table, however should City win, it’ll only boost confidence for the Blues. City will still have two games in hand, however, I don’t believe the title will be over regardless of the result should either team win.

Liverpool have been phenomenal with their attack this season and it’s justifiable when you have Suarez in there but I think many have been surprised by Sturridge. When Mancini came in, he asked him after a match once why he left, only that he couldn’t reply with an answer. From our eyes it was greed for money. Richards was on 50K a week when Sturridge was breaking into the team and he felt he should be earning more. At the time he was on 15K but after demanding he should be on the same wage, he ended up at Chelsea for 35K-a-week. But here’s the question, should we be putting youngsters on higher wages which are showing signs of breaking through? Would Sturridge get into our team now and have the same impact as he has had at Liverpool?

If we look across Manchester at United with their young players, two in particular Pogba and Morrison. They were starting to become notable and wanted the breakthrough in the team and higher wages in their contracts, to which Ferguson said no. Is it arrogance or is it acknowledgement of their talent ? Pogba has done magnificently at Juventus since going there for free and Juve will instantly make a huge profit should he leave.

Another being Morrison, on loan at QPR. Another young talent who should West Ham sell, they’ll make a big profit for. Januzaj is a player where they’ve took the opposite approach and have put him on a 50K-a-week and he seems to be doing the job.

So should we had done it with Sturridge? Maybe but times were different and I don’t think he would of made as big an impact. But I see us having a solid defence and similar to the game in December where Suarez tried his hardest to breakthrough. He tried to get through Kompany, couldn’t and then tried through Lescott and again he couldn’t. You could see the frustration too with his attempts. Although Sturridge didn’t play in that game, I still see Kompany and Demichelis being strong. Demichelis has come on impressively in recent weeks because he’s grown a partnership with Kompany.

However it brings me back to the title of the blog. As much as we can talk about this player or that player, it won’t change anything. Should either team win, it’s 3 points and there’s still many more to be gathered util the end of the season and there’s games for City that I see harder than the Liverpool game. Palace away and West Brom will be more trickier because of how they set up. Liverpool will come with an attack at City whereas these teams sit back and try to break on the counter attack. You only have to see the Palace v Chelsea game to see how unpredictable they are.

City haven’t been at their best in recent games but have pulled out the results. They generally do better against the bigger teams as they know how to break them down. They’re similar to European teams at their worse – they can play not the best but have got the results. The Fulham game and last weeks game against Southampton are prime examples. On both games, we didn’t play the best in the first half yet managed to overcome both and score many goals.

There is one benefit for us this week which can also be seen as a fragile disadvantage too however. With the return of Aguero, it’s always brilliant but the last time earlier in the year, he didn’t play like the way we knew and he could be quite vulnerable if he’s thrown straight into the team at the weekend. But who knows, we as fans don’t see behind the scenes and Pellegrini may think he’s more than able to play then we have to have faith.

The game I’m hoping will be entertaining. Liverpool will come on to the attack and City will just invite that. You look at the Arsenal, Norwich, Everton and even both Spurs games, they all went to attack at City only to be over powered with goals. The thing that gets me about this “title challenge” from Liverpool and I’m sure I’ve said it on an earlier blog is that why all of a sudden are they capable of winning ? No doubt they are but when City went for the title in 2012, the media and pundits alike wrote them off for “not having the experience” or “not capable of winning” yet now Liverpool all of a sudden can. They’ve not won the title in 20 odd years yet because they’ve had history, they’re more than capable. It doesn’t add up for me. It’ll give an insight to who will win the league and show who’s stronger at coping under pressure. Liverpool still have Chelsea to come and it’s hard to judge which team will be the harder game.

– Daniel Riordan, Guest Writer

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