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Published on May 2nd, 2014 | by Daniel Riordan


“Caution is called for Everton threat” – Daniel Riordan

Three games lie remaining in City’s fixture list and it appears that the one on Saturday is the one everyone is fearing. Although there have been Everton fans ringing in to radio stations pleading for City to beat them, I’m still not convinced it’s going to be as easy as that and there’s a side to Everton which they may reveal on Saturday.

It would give Everton fans no bigger pleasure than to see Liverpool lose out on the title and understandably why. We’ve experienced so far this season why United fans never got along with them and it would give me the biggest pleasure for City to win the title just for the fact they’ve sung the “we’re gonna win the league” chant all year. We can’t rule anything out. Martinez is a manager who won’t go down without a fight and regardless of it going down to City and Liverpool (and still possibly Chelsea) he won’t care and will aim for his team to do the best. It worries me that if only the Arsenal game was played on Saturday at around 3 o’clock then it would decide my confidence levels. As they play on Sunday, it doesn’t rule Everton out of the Champions League run in. Many have resigned the fact that they’ll get there and will happily take 5th but this is what I think Martinez will be looking at to apply pressure on Arsenal to the end.

In 1995, when Blackburn Rovers won the title, on the deciding day United needed a win against West Ham to win the league. It’s no disrespect to West Ham but this is how unpredictable it can be. United would of made it three consecutive titles yet in a game like this, they couldn’t over turn a side 14th in the table. Now I’ve brought up this fact, I hope it’s no coincidence that we play West Ham on the final day of the season!

We can’t go into the game with the arrogance about the match. Although many of the Everton faithful want us to win, we can’t use that as an advantage to become complacent and that it’ll be a walk in the park – it won’t. Our record at Goodison in the past few years speaks for itself. Records are meant to be broken and if it’s any time to do that, now is the time. You can already sense the media emphasising it’s “City’s to lose” or “it’s in City’s hands” to put the pressure on them. But look, this is a team that won it a couple of years ago, are they really going to feel pressurised by what Mark Lawrenson of all people says? They’ve played in all competitions and I believe can cope with that “pressure” more than any of the Liverpool players. You can see it already. Look at the game last week, a simple mistake like that and it’s got to them.

That’s one of they key elements with the title race, a lot of the younger players in Liverpool’s team have never felt a title run in before. Then again none of them have felt the title in the past 20 years. Who knows it may spur them on for next year now they’ve felt this experience but it’s the key point which is why I think City have more chance of pipping them to the title.

The news that David Silva is back can only influence us to victory. With Yaya Toure coming back last week, the squad is solid and has that balance again, but it still makes me nervous. Understandably because of what’s on the line, but it’s just how we feature away from home and how we set up. If City are to win the game, they have to do what they did at Palace last week. Get the early goal and aim for another. A lot of fans will be thinking that this is going to be a passive match – it may turn out to be, but I won’t be ruling anything cunning from Martinez.

– Daniel Riordan (Guest Writer)

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