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Published on July 31st, 2014 | by Daniel Riordan


Daniel Riordan blogs about City’s pre-season so far

“Getting back into shape – thoughts so far”

Written by Daniel Riordan

With the World Cup seeming like it was months ago, we can look forward desperately for the up and coming league season. It also feels ages ago since we lifted the title once more but then again it feels like yesterday from the one in 2012. With pre-season underway, the Blues are still shaping up that silky class and precision which guided them to their fourth league title this year.

It’s been a while since I’ve done a blog and mainly because there’s not been much to comment on. But let’s start with the pre season games so far. The main attribute to this pre season at the start in Scotland was mainly to get players back into fitness and to give a few youngsters a run out. I was really impressed with Bossaerts and Denayer. Both whom looked solid and confident.

You could tell the level of fitness when they were beaten by Hearts, no disrespect to Hearts but it could only be City who would win the league to lose in pre season to a newly promoted Scottish side. Then again it spins back to the whole point in pre-season friendlies – the fitness. The thing that got me the most off the pitch was the demand from the supporters. Angry and bursting with frustration over a pre-season game to Hearts just goes to show the demand nowadays. It’s a long way from the Thomas Cook Trophy to say the least.

Fernando was another player I was impressed with from that game but up until the present game of Milan, Sinclair has also been flourishing. Whether it is to be seen if Sinclair goes or not, he has been performing. Once again I have to reiterate it is pre-season but it looks like he’s playing for his City career and as long as he does what he’s doing, providing assists and scoring goals, I shouldn’t see why not to keep him. He’s English, he’s young and above all is under new management. Nasri has his best season yet under City last year and it came down to management.

2 other players which has also been impressive is the young Nigerian trialist who seems to be taking his chance, Iheanacho and newly appointed arrival of Zuccilini. Both looking like they have potential to become good players. Zuccilini’s goal against Kansas shows his confidence at a young age to take on a shot like that and alike a lot of City fans are hoping to see more of him.

The scoreline really impressed me against Milan. They’re not a team which should be getting beat by that scoreline or be where they are at the moment. But it goes to show the firepower in our side and a back up that we don’t need to spend much this year. I’ve kept tabs on Milan for the past couple of years and it started to go downhill when Allegri left. They brought Seedorf in and now Insighi – great players with no managerial experience which leaves them where they are.

But the fact that City put 5 past the second best European team is staggering. They still have a brilliant team with players like El Shaarwary, Balotelli, Muntari, De Sciglio, Honda and more yet are where they are. You can’t take anything from City, not even with a full squad, they put 5 past Milan. And it’s this experience against European teams in pre-season which can only benefit us when it comes to the Champions League.

Although a transfer embargo has been placed on the club for this season, only having to spend a certain amount, from what I’ve seen so far I don’t think we need an overhaul of players. I’ll do another blog on my thoughts for the up and coming season but it’s not needed each year because of what’s already been put in place. The project over the past couple of years has kept the squad in unity and they are performing as a team. If you go and spend money on 4 or 5 players, you could be endangering your performance by having to allow those players to gel.

The squad only needs a few tweaks and the addition of Mangala, if it happens, and maybe one more player if one or two are sold will be perfect. Preferably a striker which begs the question if Negredo will be going since picking up an injury. We’ve got players who have had their first year and have fitted into the club like Navas, Jovetic and Fernandinho. Even Negredo who had a fantastic start to the season, however with speculation circling nonstop, it doesn’t provide a positive at the moment.

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