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Published on July 11th, 2014 | by maxbloggs


MCFC Supporters Club – Talkin’ the Blues

Maximum Social Marketing (MSM) currently manages MCFC Supporters Club’s Twitter, Facebook and website. MSM is asking for members to help to increase interactivity on the website.  The aim is for it to become the central hub for City fans to engage with one another.

Here’s a quote from the MSM website:

We have waited until an out-of-season period to roll out new ideas and a brand new design for the Supporters Club website to boot.  Everything on the website can now be viewed and used on all mobile tablets and phone devices.  There are live pages coming to the site which will display the latest social media tweets, statuses and images from a whole host of sources.  By mentioning, hash-tagging and posting, MCFC Supporters Club is now truly offering fans and members a platform to engage on, like never before!

Here’s where we need your help.

We want to increase the interactivity the MCFC Supporters Club website can offer its members and visitors.  We think there’s plenty to discuss this next season and even more exciting opportunities for us all to get involved and contribute to the great debate. 

Can you remind members to visit the website?  Can you ask members to like the Supporters Club Facebook page?  Can you tell people about our Twitter page to get more followers?

The video content, discussions, writing and overall digital marketing of the Supporters Club is about to explode and we really want as many members and City fans to engage as possible.

With the possibility of commenting live on matches on our blog, sending us their own video content which we can put out for everyone, to even guest writing articles themselves, fans and members can really be heard like never before.

To read more about Maximum Social and the Supporters Club’s goals, click here.

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  1. Steve Nicklin says:

    You need to get some forums on here otherwise its just one way traffic – you need three-way – mcsc to members; members to mcsc; members to members; And you’re up also against here – as far as I can see thats the online community you need to target to generate traffic

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