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Published on August 30th, 2014 | by Ian Cheeseman


City 0-1 Stoke City | Ian Cheeseman

“It was all my fault”

After the excitement of watching the impressive, stylish win against Liverpool on Monday, I must admit I may have underprepared for my commentary of the game against Stoke.

I usually stay in the office a little later on Friday night to prepare my notes, to write out the other local matches with the reporters names next to each game, but I left at 7pm and headed home, work unfinished.

On Saturday morning, I almost forgot to put my lucky shirt on, it was as if it was just such a routine day, that I wouldn’t need it. I nearly left it hanging in the wardrobe.

When I arrived at the Stadium, I casually wrote down the details I needed, while I sat next to Jimmy Wagg. I was guilty of just thinking that everything would just fall into place. I went to my usual seat in the press box, only to find that I’d been moved to the other side of the aisle. It seems it was a one off, an administrative error, I should have realised that things were not going according to plan, and not just for me.

The steward, who looks after my row, set the alarm bells ringing, “if City lose today it’ll be because you and Shaun Goater are not sat where you should be”. Surely something like that couldn’t have made the difference?

Surely the fantastic players City have within their ranks these days, couldn’t have just turned up for the game expecting to win, just assuming that Stoke City would lie down and give them the three points.

Everyone knew, after last season’s game, that the Potters would mass behind the ball for most of the ninety minutes and just try and score from a couple of quick break always. City had the speed of Fernandinho and Kolorov to prevent that from happening, surely? In the unlikely event that Stoke even created a chance, they’d have to beat England’s number one, the giant that is Joe Hart, hardly a likely scenario!

With Sergio Aguero back in from the start, Stevan Jovetic back in form and Silva and Nasri to create the ammunition for them to fire, Stoke were there for the taking, everyone knew that before they even stepped inside the stadium, didn’t they?
Bacary Sagna would just slide effortlessly into Pablo Zabaleta’s shoes at right back and play in the same swashbuckling style of the brave little Argentinian Duracell bunny.

Ultimately there can only be one person to blame for the 1-0 home defeat by Stoke, me! I was underprepared and took it all for granted – oh yes there is someone else I could blame, she’s called Mercedes, she’s the woman who moved mine and Shaun Goater’s seats to the other side of the aisle, she’s to blame too.

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