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Published on September 2nd, 2014 | by Daniel Riordan


Daniel Riordan Discusses The Summer Transfer Window

“Why not to worry over Falcao and Negredo transfers”

With the transfer window finally ending and closing the summer of all the tedious repetitive sagas, it now brings focus to the domestic competitions – at least for another few months anyhow. But the main story on Monday throughout the day was the deals in Manchester in particular with Radamel Falcao, a highly linked player heading the blues way ending up at United in a loan deal and our beloved Alvaro Negredo returning to his native Spain in a loan deal to newly invested Valencia with a view to buy. But what is there to worry about?

Let’s start off on our half with Negredo. For his first season and to bag 23 goals in all competitions is staggering and shows his ability from that stat alone. He came into the side following his £16-18 million move and gelled instantly. Getting goals left, right and center and also providing strength, agility and skill upfront – something usually rare with a tall striker. He even placed 6 goals in the League Cup to help gain us our first since 1976. No City fan can dispute his performances in his first couple of months at the cup. But will he really be that much of a loss in the side for the foreseeable season?.

Well there’s two ways you can look at it. One, his injury from January halted his performance and ability to put goals in the back of the net, the complete opposite to his first few months at the club. I think this year he went on a run of 16 games without scoring which left the job to Dzeko a lot of the year and a mix of Jovetic and Aguero throughout to the end, the three we’re now left with as our pinnacle strikers. The flip side to it is obviously his ability to get goals. 5 in 7 in Europe, 3 in 4 in the FA Cup, 6 in 5 in the League Cup. Other than the league (9 in 32) I’d say it’s a positive ratio for a player in his first year at the club.

Now with Falcao going to United, this seems to have ruffled fans a bit. Sure he was quite heavily linked with City and Arsenal but he reminds me a little of Eto’o when we were going to go for him a few years ago and he demanded £260K-a-week. From the news, Falcao hasn’t done this but the reported wages of £345K-a-week is beyond staggering. Sure he would of been a great addition but it wouldn’t comply with our FFP sanctions and I think we’ve done the smarter option not pursuing it. I don’t think he’s worth his valuation. He’s a player that’s guaranteed goals regardless where he is but an accumulated 50 million or so for a 29 year old? Not for me.

Another thing you can question about Falcao is what is his full ability and has he already peaked. The leagues he’s been in haven’t been that much of a test I don’t think other than La Liga and what we’ll see with him this year. Especially in Portugal, there’s only 3 or 4 teams in it. In regards to peak, I think he did when he was at Athletico and only winning 3 cups, they’ve looked better off after selling him. With that though you could say it was a benefit of the money they gained but other than David Villa, who only scored 13 in 36, he was the only signing that made a significant impact on their season last year – it was mainly Diego Costa doing the job.

It’s now going 5 seasons since Falcao competed in the Champions League which in today’s life arguably decides a players ability to compete at the top. It’s a stat which doesn’t mean that he can’t fire United back in or wouldn’t perform well enough to be a champions league player. He would probably mould into teams easily, especially City with our Spanish contingent but what if he is thrown into the Champions League now and isn’t able to perform at a top level? Is United’s money wasted and is it ours saved?

There’s several players which I’d rather have purely down to performance, experience and age. Thomas Muller, Marco Reus and arguably Cavani. I think Muller has been popular in the past couple of years with being at the World Cup in 2010 and a prolific player in Bayerns side. Expensive but he too was linked with a move to United and is still only around 24/25. Marco Reus has a clause in his contract I think next year where a club can activate it and buy for 25 million, a player who has shown his ability in front of City fans already in the Champions League two years ago. And Cavani who has also been linked with City for many years. But alike Falcao, it comes down to money and if it’s worth it for the next few years.

Although there’s been positives and negatives with both saga’s, it may bring John Guidetti, Jordi Hiwula or Devante Cole a chance in the set up this year. Guidetti, who had a reputation and an outstanding record in Holland couldn’t quite prove himself at Stoke last year but in a different side who knows. And Hiwula and Cole have been very impressive in the youth set up under the guidance of Patrick Vieira.

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