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Published on October 31st, 2014 | by Ian Cheeseman


“What’s going/gone wrong?” | Ian Cheeseman

Which theory do you subscribe to?

There’s lots of theories as to why City have dipped in form, and I’m sure you’ve seem most of them, if not all.

1) Since many key players signed new extended contracts they’ve gone into the comfort zone

2) Since they moved to the new training complex, their routine has been compromised

3) The 4-4-2 system

4) Not having a “plan B”

5) Various individuals [insert name here] not being good enough

6) Play Milner more, when he plays we win

7) Drop Yaya Toure, he’s not interested anymore, he’s the problem

8) The players that have been brought in by Pellegrini (under his tenure) have taken the club backwards

9) City have been worked out by the opposition

10) Too many defensive changes made from match to match (Shaun Goater)

11) UEFA (FFP)

12) Eliaquim Mangala

13) A lack of pace, playing predictable “crab like football”

14) Everyone is against us

That’s just a few of the theories that have been put forward, I’m sure there are many more. Maybe there’s truth in some/all/none of the above, but one thing that a couple of set backs illustrates to me is the different way that we all look at the game.

Some see the job of a “fan” as wearing “blue tinted spectacles”, constantly suggesting that there’s nothing wrong and that the club will win every remaining game, overhaul whatever gap, and jump over every obstacle. Others think a couple of defeats are the end of the world and everyone should be sacked, dropped and everything should be changed.

Older City fans are only too aware that winning is not “a right” no matter how big your stadium, how well paid your players are and how much the media hype or vilify the team.

Last season I wrote a piece about my “super eight” players, the ones I thought were the exceptional players in the City squad – on Wednesday only Yaya Toure and David Silva (from that eight) started, I still believe that City do better when as many of those eight play as possible, though I admit that a couple of the Super 8 are out of form at the moment.

The eight, for those wondering, are:

Hart, Zabaleta, Kompany, Yaya, Silva, Nasri, Fernandinho and Aguero

We might see seven of those names in Sunday’s starting line up, and if that’s the case, I believe City will win the Derby, so onwards and upwards.

I’ll be involved in Radio Manchester’s commentary on Sunday, as always, though I’ll share vocal duties with my colleague Bill Rice, and as well as Shaun Goater you’ll also hear from Arthur Albiston (in the name of balance) too, with the build-up from the Etihad starting at noon and allowing for post-match reaction and the phone-in until 6pm – it promises to be a BIG day!

You can hear it all on 95.1FM, DAB and via the match day centre on

Up the Blues!

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2 Responses to “What’s going/gone wrong?” | Ian Cheeseman

  1. Bob Fasoli says:

    Ian, Ian. Sorry but how you can suggest Ya Ya should be anywhere near the team is a mystery. City need to go 4-4-1-1 because you cannot play with two strikers when one of them (Dzeko) puts in such poor performances. The defence is looking worse and worse each week. At West Ham even Zabba and Kompany looked out of sorts (maybe it’s contageous).

    Ya Ya should have been sold in the summer, but MP hasn’t any bottle. Xmas will come and go and so will Peligrini.

  2. Mick Curtis says:

    Cheesy, 3 of your super eight started – you forgot Fernandinho. Easy to do, as he seems bang out of form, and with Yaya not at the races that makes a big hole in the heart of our midfield that opposition teams can drive a bus through – we lack the defensive midfield shield for the defence. And with Mangala still apparently struggling with the intensity of the English game and both our left backs out of form, added to repeated unnecessary individual mistakes, it’s no wonder we keep conceding.

    Last season I felt we could afford to leak the odd goal because we were scoring so freely, but not so this year – Aguero is still scoring but Dzeko has dried up and Negredo (and the option to play balls into a big, bustling centre forward) has gone without replacement. Jovetic looks lively but has yet to show he can contribute many goals. Add all those things together, and we are not where we want to be.

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