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Published on December 29th, 2014 | by Daniel Cheeseman


Manchester City 2-2 Burnley | The City Nitty Gritty

“No Excuses”

Am I missing something? Because I’m pretty sure the last time I checked a football match lasted 90 minutes, so why did City only decide to turn up for 45?

I’ve heard a lot of excuses for our poor second half, with “48 hours since the last game” and “their first goal was offside” being the most popular, but I’m sorry to say that the only reason we dropped points yesterday is because of complacency.

I can’t quite understand why we’re still having the same old problems after what happened against CSKA and other teams this season, surely we should have learned our lesson by now? You’d think a team as experienced as this one would know that nothing’s ever over until it’s over, no matter who you are playing, and so as far as I’m concerned there’s no excuses for what happened yesterday.

We were fantastic in the first half on Sunday, and while we were far from perfect, the players didn’t look remotely tired and played some wonderful football. David Silva, Samir Nasri and Fernandinho controlled the flow of the game in midfield and often made up for the mistakes in defence.

I’m not going to start going in depth about the defence now, as my Dad did a pretty good summary in his blog yesterday, but I will say that there were several occasions where I think they should have done better.

After a half of mouth-watering football which left you begging for more, the game completely turned on it’s head.

Right from the word go something didn’t feel right, we were slow, sloppy and lacking concentration. Whether or not their first goal was offside or not is irrelevant, as I think that the way we were playing invited the pressure from Burnley, and so it was only going to end in tears for the Blues.

Knowing that players like James Milner and Alexander Kolarov were clearly having an ‘off day’, I would have brought on Frank Lampard and Gael Clichy after the first goal, to add some more stability to the team. I personally wouldn’t have subbed Stevan Jovetic on, simply because he’s still not 100% fit, and knowing that Frank Lampard (someone who is often a game changer) was on the bench, the choice for me was clear.

I could go all day about what we could or should have done in hindsight, but the truth is: City thought they’d won the game at half time, and unfortunately they had to learn the hard way yet again.

The only consolation is that Chelsea and United also dropped points in their games, but I can’t help but thinking this was a missed opportunity, and we might come to regret it at the end of the season.

Let’s hope the Blues have finally learned their lesson by the time they play Sunderland on Thursday, as it’s easy to become complacent against them too, especially knowing that we beat them 4-1 away earlier this month!


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  1. With Chelsea having dropped two points at Southampton, this was definitely an opportunity missed at Eastlands to reduce the points deficit and I agree that it seems that in the second half, Burnley took advantage of City’s complacency. Maybe the challenge to make it Ten wins on the trot had some effect but Mourinho’s side will not provide many ‘catch up’ chances this season
    A run of Nine wins and a draw means that currently, the Blues have the best form in the Premiership and this needs to continue on New Years day against Sunderland

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