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Published on January 19th, 2015 | by Daniel Cheeseman


Manchester City 0-2 Arsenal | Daniel Cheeseman

“They came, they saw, they conquered”

I’ll admit, I’m usually one of the first to start playing the blame game whenever we suffer a somewhat heavy defeat, especially when it’s at home, but on this occasion I felt that the other team’s win was completely justified.

Arsenal played a great game of football yesterday, and a lot of that was down to the fact that they had done their research beforehand.

The Gunners managed to isolate David Silva and Sergio Aguero throughout the game, which left the Blues with hardly any options going forward, and they were also constantly targeting the weak points in our defence.

It was obvious that Vincent Kompany was still not 100% match fit, and neither was Sergio Aguero, and I could tell almost immediately that Arsene Wenger had told his side to take advantage this.

As we’ve found out several times this season, City tend to struggle against teams that defend well and hit us on the counter attack, and so when you’re playing against a team full of quality players who can execute that tactic better than most teams can, it becomes even more effective.

Now, I could start talking about how much we missed Yaya Toure and Samir Nasri in midfield until I’m blue in the face, and there’s no doubt that they would have made a difference, but I just feel that in this particular game we should be talking more about how the winners won the game, and not how losers lost it.

The one thing that I will mention however, is that City need more quality on the wings. What I’m saying is, I believe that you can only progress so far with the likes of Jesus Navas and James Milner in your team, and so I think it’s time we brought in some youth and/or an up and coming talent to liven things up again – which brings me to my next point.

I was lucky enough to watch the first “official” game at 12 noon in the new CFA yesterday, and I couldn’t help think while I was watching it that maybe it’s time we tried some of these guys out. I’ve thought for a long time that City’s first team need a new top-class winger, and I know that FFP limits their ability to buy one, but I’ve seen more than enough evidence in that one game to know that we already have a lot of quality at our disposal.

One player in particular, Brendon Barker, has been scoring goals for fun recently and possesses all the traits that you’d want in a winger. While I know that you can’t really judge a player properly until they play at first team level, the fact that he has lots of confidence at such a young age is very promising itself, and in my opinion he’s definitely worth a gamble (like Pozo).

The final point I’d like to make is that we waste far too many set pieces at the moment. Arsenal used Olivier Giroud’s strength and aerial presence very effectively yesterday, and the last player I saw at City with those sort of traits was “The Beast” Alvaro Negredo. While the Spaniard didn’t quite make it at City, I still think it’s important to have that sort of player in your attack to vary the play, and so it will be interesting to see if Wilfried Bony can be the final piece in the puzzle when he arrives at the Etihad next month.

Next up we play Middlesborough, and as far as I’m concerned it’s the perfect opportunity for the Blues to raise morale in the dressing room once again. There’s no point in talking about what we could or should have done yesterday anymore; what’s done is done, it’s now time to concentrate on being in the best possible shape to play Chelsea at Stamford Bridge later this month!


P.S. Highlights of City EDS v Schalke will be on the website later this week!

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  1. roy waude says:


  2. Bob Fasoli says:

    The problem is PACE. When we get the ball we go, Demichelis-Kompany-Demichelis-Clichy-Demichelis-Kompany, by now the oppostition have walked back into position, had a coffee and a cheese sandwich read an Agatha Christie novel and watched two episodes of their favorite TV Programme. By the time the ball has got to Zabba he is being closed down, he passes it out to Navas who already has two men marking him.

    Why don’t we have any player running with the ball at the heart of the defence, instead of sideways. I’ll tell you why, Pelligrini. His tactics are woeful, he is relying on individual brilliance. But by giving the other side time they can get back into formation.

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