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Published on January 26th, 2015 | by Daniel Cheeseman


Manchester City 0-2 Middlesbrough | Daniel Cheeseman

“It’s our own fault”

I’m sure you all had a read of my dad’s blog over the weekend, and since I agree with virtually every word he said, there’s not much point in me saying the exact same things in mine – so I’ll try to make this one quick, Blues! 🙂

Lots of people have been trying to put their finger on the reason for City’s decline in the past few weeks, and don’t get me wrong – there are several reasons for it, but I personally believe that the main reason we’ve been underperforming is because we’re constantly shooting ourselves in the foot.

I don’t care what anybody says – there’s more than enough quality in our side to win the league again this season, it’s just that there’s lots of loose nuts and bolts that need to be tightened first in order for that to even be a thought.

When I say “nuts and bolts”, I’m referring to a couple of different things. The first thing I’m referring to is the players that Manuel Pellegrini has bought to “replace” the old ones, and secondly the mentality and attitude in which we go into certain games.

Since we won the league back in 2012, I don’t think we have improved our squad nearly as much as we should have done, especially with the amount of money we’ve spent. When I look at the starting 11 which played against QPR on that infamous day, the only 3 players which are no longer at the club are Joleon Lescott, Gareth Barry and Carlos Tevez, and I can honestly say that I don’t believe any of the players we have brought in to replace those 3 have been an improvement.

Our squad has gone backwards even from last season if you ask me, as I don’t regard Willy Caballero, Bacary Sagna and Fernando as better players than Costel Pantilimon, Micah Richards and Javi Garcia. The only player who I think can even be considered a step forward is Wilfried Bony, but saying that we are still yet to see him play, and he could still end up being a backwards step from Alvaro Negredo.

Another problem is that we’ve been approaching games with far too much complacency in recent weeks, and have not been giving our opponents, and certain competitions, enough respect.

It’s sad to see so many Premier League teams these days putting the FA Cup and/or Capital One Cup to the absolute bottom of their priorities list, and it’s even sadder seeing City, a team that not long ago would have cherished even a participation medal, have joined that group too. While I know the reason why they can’t take the League or FA Cup seriously anymore is because there’s even bigger priorities now, they have to remember that there are still tens of thousands of people who turn up every week expecting to be entertained or, at the very least, see them try.

The fact that City were more than happy to take a week’s break and not return until less than 24 hours before kick-off show’s how much they cared about Saturday’s result, and while that rumour about what Joe Hart said in the tunnel before the game might have turned out not to be true, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if that’s what he was thinking anyway.

I’m sorry it’s been a bit of a negative blog again Blues, but it’s really hard to take anything positive out of two 2-0 home defeats in a row, especially when one of those was at the hands of a Championship side. However, the game against Chelsea on Saturday has become the ultimate chance for the Blues to redeem themselves, so hopefully they’ll take the opportunity this time around and earn some respect back from the fans!


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  1. Dan, is it not just that we have hit the perfect storm of Vinny, Edin and Sergio all being unfit, Samir and Yaya missing both at the same time and the FFP sanctions hitting our small squad.

    Admittedly the remaining players for a club of our stature should be able to cope. However I feel that the FFP sanctions are hitting us now. Negrado was sold for personal reasons but FFP meant we couldn’t sign a new striker (or we chose to gamble on not buying one to be inline with FFP).

    I’m sure Garcia, Richards, Guidetti, Huws were all sold/loaned just to meet FFP. Keeping Boyata and getting rid of Micah must have been down to wages.

    I agree with you that our mentality must be better. I know it’s a small thing but if you watch tunnel cam Joe, Vinny and Zabba look up for it whilst the rest are chest pumping oppo players or sorting out their children. I know you can argue that attacking players need to be relaxed to perform but I’d get rid of all these hangers on around in the tunnel before a game.

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