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Pride In Travel | Darryl Webster

When I began this journey I could not have imagined, even in my greatest aspirations, that an adventure that started innocently in the familiar confines of Toronto would end half a world away in the glamorous desert of Abu Dhabi.

When I first met Marc Luk in Hong Kong he wasn’t a father yet. Now, this morning, I open my computer to discover a proud dad, wearing his favourite City top and holding his daughter for the first time. I scroll a little further down my social media roster of Blues and come across Darren Ball in Abu Dhabi, laid up in a hospital bed after a mild heart attack. Are his pictures and accompanying quotes dire? Not for a minute. Darren posts amusing pictures and observations from his hospital bed with that contagious sense of humour so inherent in City supporters. And besides, Darren Ball witnessed Gillinham’99 and QPR 2012there’s nothing this man’s heart can’t handle.

pride in travel coverI feel as though I could spin a globe, stop it blindly with my finger and almost always land on a place where I’ve been hosted by fellow Blues. A place I’ve watched a match with them and enjoyed a few local pints—or Sambuca should my finger land on the Isle of Wight. Lucky doesn’t even begin to explain my last 18 months. Whether it was tacos and whiskey in Chicago, dodgy runways in Gibraltar, or merely the simple pleasure that is a few ale at Sam’s Chop House, mine has been a charmed year-and-a-half, and it was one I ultimately had little to do with. In the end it was City’s supporters who provided me the tools to become the writer I’ve always wanted to be. It was their innate sense of storytelling in pubs, at the matches and over gluttonous fry-ups that provided all the content an author could ever hope for.

When you want something you need to go after it, take chances and never be afraid to ask for help. And when you’re a Blue, you’ll never starve for help. I still have some things left to learn about City, but fortunately I now posses an army of the greatest teachers in the land and all the world. I hope this book about our Citizens all over the globe helps show lifelong Blues that the international City supporters are trying their absolute hardest to respect and uphold the traditions and rich history of Manchester City Football Club.

I am also thrilled to announce that this book about our club and our supporters around the world is now available to the world. Give it a read, then reach out and give me your thoughts. I am, after all, still learning.

Darryl Webster,

Toronto, Canada, January 15, 2015.


Where to buy Pride In Travel:

Amazon – http://ow.ly/HqaM9

CityStore – http://ow.ly/HqaSz


Check out the video played at the North American release of Pride In Travel:

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