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Published on January 7th, 2015 | by maxbloggs


South Stand Expansion: Potential Singing Section Available

Hi all,

You will already be aware of the stadium expansion which is currently taking place at the South Stand end of the stadium. However, you may not know that after the construction is complete, the away visitors section will extend up to Level 3, reducing their current allocation in Level 1.

That reduction will leave sections 114 & 115 available for City Season Card Holders.

The Supporters Club and The 1894 Group are trying to encourage City to release this section as a singing section, which would allow current season card holders to move in there from the start of next season.

In order to continue these discussions, we need to determine the level of interest from YOU the fans.

We will be having another meeting with City on the 27th January to present our findings, can we also ask all branches to speak to their season card holders and find out how many of them would want to transfer their season tickets into either blocks 114 or 115 for next season.

The deadline for this information is Midnight on Sunday 25th January 2015.

How to contact us

Please email Kevin Parker ( with the relevant info in the subject line (example layout shown below):

E.G. – “Potential Singing Season Ticket Section – XYZ Branch – 12 Season Card Holders”


Thank you.

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9 Responses to South Stand Expansion: Potential Singing Section Available

  1. Anthony Linaker says:

    Would love to join singing section with my 16 year old lad…at moment we are in family stand, where the atmosphere is beyond terrible.
    Even considered not going next season, as it is so boring having to just sit there in silence.

    • thegingerwig says:

      What age does your lad have to move out of the family stand? At Maine Road I became an adult at 12!

      I’m close to the Family stand in the East stand and there isn’t much noise.

      • Anthony Linaker says:

        He turned 16 in December…he can stay there as long as he wants …but his cup scheme price before his birthday was kids prices….since his birth day, city have put his ticket price up to 16 to 19 bracket.
        But he just sits there, bored out of his head.
        Can’t stand can’t shout and we get friggin moonchester Mithering us

  2. Mark Horrocks says:

    I would definately relocate to a singing section. I also think the idea of offering fans buying tickets the option of singing or non singing. We need to de everything we can to create an intimidating atmosphere.

  3. Steve Nicklin says:

    For goodness sake please don’t use the rubbish Manchester Evening News mockup of the new south stand
    Use something from the official MCFC media

    like this one×350.jpg

    cut from the MCFC official expansion video

    Steve N (Bredbury Branch)

  4. thegingerwig says:

    This makes perfect sense! It will bring the two sets of singing City fans closer together enabling a continuity of song.

    What happens for cup matches though? We can’t have the current situation where we lose our home advantage by dispersing the main source of noise.

  5. Evonne Eyres says:

    We’d definitely relocate. At the moment we’re in Block 109 and we’re sick & tired of being told to sit down, as I find this kills the atmosphere!!

  6. June says:

    I’m a London Cityzen Card Holder and can only get down to a few Home games during the year. I think this a brilliant idea as the atmosphere at times is rather subdued. When I hear the Crystal Palace fans singing, despite losing games they are amazing.

    At the moment other clubs comment on the number of empty seats at the Etihad. If we can have our place ‘Rocking’ it will make a huge difference to our players and how our fans come across on Live TV. People will stop commenting on the empty seats and just concentrate on the fantastic atmosphere we have at our ground.

  7. Gaynor austin says:

    I’m definitely joining the singing section (club permitting ) I’ve sent an interest to the 1894 currently in 107 and we definitely need to boost our lads at home games .its done at away games which are much more exciting ….# onevoice #together

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