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Published on February 22nd, 2015 | by Daniel Cheeseman


Manchester City 5-0 Newcastle United | Daniel Cheeseman

“The Yaya Effect”

I know I go on a lot about how key Yaya Toure is to City, and I’ll admit that my opinions are sometimes a bit biased, but I don’t think anybody can deny the impact he made on Saturday’s game.

It’s no coincidence that City’s best performance since the beginning of January coincided with the Ivorian’s return from the African Cup of Nations, and while he might not have got on the score sheet on this occasion, his sheer presence in midfield was enough to bring the rest of the team back up to full confidence.

Yaya Toure Stats v Newcastle 3I personally believe that one of the main reasons why Yaya has become such a crucial part of our team is because he never panics on the ball and rarely gives away possession, and unfortunately I don’t think the same can be said for the players who had to cover for him whilst he was away.

You only have to look at Yaya’s passing stats on Saturday to see how much he dictates the game in midfield (see right), and I’m almost certain that if I compared those stats to the likes of James Milner’s and Fernando’s when playing in the same position, they’d be nowhere near as conclusive.

However, although Yaya Toure was definitely a massive part of Saturday’s win, it would be foolish of me to say that he was the ONLY reason for Newcastle’s 5-0 thrashing.

I thought David Silva, Samir Nasri and Sergio Aguero all put in performances worthy of at least a 9/10 rating against the Geordies, and I’d also say that Edin Dzeko’s first half performance deserves a special mention for the way in which he converted his goal with style and finesse, and his overall contribution to the team.

To sum things up, it was pretty much a near-perfect performance from the Blues at the weekend, and if it wasn’t for how poor Newcastle were I’d probably be brandishing out a lot more 10s, but I suppose with Barcelona just around the corner it’s probably best to keep a few of those 10s in my locker (just in case!) 😉

If there was ever a “good” time to play Barcelona it’s probably now, as while the absence of Yaya will surely leave a big gap in our midfield the Spaniards are coming to England off the back of a rare 1-0 home defeat to Malaga, so let’s hope we don’t show them too much respect tomorrow night so that we can get another fantastic result which finally puts us on the map in Europe!


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  1. sheriff says:

    U have said it all, when u watched carefully you also see yaya reading the game and giving his colleagues instructions who to give the pass to.

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