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Published on March 1st, 2015 | by Daniel Cheeseman


Liverpool 2-1 Manchester City | Daniel Cheeseman

“Groundhog Day”

It’s getting to the point now where I might as well just copy and paste one of my previous blogs to save us all some time, as it just feels like all I’m doing at the moment is repeating myself over and over again.

I find it extremely frustrating that I’ve hardly had anything positive to say about City’s performances in the past few weeks, but when you have a manager who’s so tactically stubborn that it’s holding us back, then it’s virtually impossible.

Once again we had absolutely no control of the game today, and I’m afraid that has to be down to the way the team was set up. I said in my Barcelona blog that even if Yaya had been playing in that game it wouldn’t have made the slightest difference to the result, as it’s so easy for the other team to close him down when we’re playing in the 4-4-2 formation, and that theory was proved in today’s game.

One of the reasons that Barcelona were in complete control on Tuesday night is because they had Sergio Busquets acting as the stop-gap between the midfield and defence, and when I look at other top teams in Europe they all have a similar set up. Everybody expected Fernando to be that player when he joined City at the start of this season, and the fact that he hasn’t lived up to that role has really caught us off guard.

The last 3 goals that City have conceded in all competitions have been as a result of poor marking on the edge of the box, and when you’re playing against the top sides those sort of mistakes do not usually go unpunished.

While Nigel De Jong and Gareth Barry were by no means the perfect answer, what they did do well was take some of the defensive pressure off the players in front of them, which then allowed us to be a lot more efficient in attack. More importantly, having a solid defensive midfielder gave us the luxury of having an extra man in defense when things got rough, but unfortunately we haven’t had that luxury at all this season.

Another thing that’s been worrying me lately is that the Blues have been unable to do even the the simple things right, like keeping possession, and I can’t tell if that’s down to nervousness, complacency or that they have no belief in the system.

As much as it pains me to say this, I think if I were Manuel Pellegrini right now I’d be tempted to write off us winning anything this season, and instead we should try to concentrate on setting ourselves up in the best possible shape for the next campaign.

It’ll be much more of a disaster if we don’t qualify for next season’s Champions League than if we don’t win the league this year, and so if we can manage to secure 2nd place and put in a good performance at he Nou Camp later this month I’ll be a much happier Blue.

We play bottom-of-the-league Leicester midweek in a game which I fear could be Pellegrini’s last should we get anything less than a win, and so if the Chilean has got anything about him he’ll be the bigger man by taking the blame for our poor form this season, and changing things back to a format that worked for everyone.


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7 Responses to Liverpool 2-1 Manchester City | Daniel Cheeseman

  1. Didsbury Blue says:

    Seriously? You think that Pellegrini will be sacked or resign if we don’t beat Leicester? That would be suicide. Forget the title, we just have to secure 2nd. 4 points (ahead of Arsenal, and 5 v MUFC when we still have to go to OT) is nothing, can easily be overhauled. Surely MP can get us the wins we need against the likes of Leicester, Burnley, West Brom and Villa to secure 2nd.

    I’m old enough to remember John Bond quitting when we were something like 3 points off Europe. We won about 3 games in 20 under John Benson and went down. I think the same would happen if Kiddo suddenly got lumbered as ‘interim’. We would finish 5th or even 6th, which is the equivalent of going down in our position – Aguero would leave, possibly Silva too, as to them, Europa League would be like Division 2.

    Look at it again in the summer, yeah, but keep MP till the end of the season, nothing can be gained from a change now.

  2. Mike Taylor says:

    Straight to the point blog, read a lot on forums on FB & twitter, but this sums it up nicely… or not so nicely sadly!

  3. Swapnil More says:

    I’d also like to point out that we have been poor with corners this season and in crucial matches we need to come good with set pieces. Our game currently is too one dimensional. We hardly counter attack. We wait till the opposition has players are behind the ball. And in the last few matches we lack the intensity. Barcelona 1st half and even today I thought we lacked that intensity. Now we only have 12 games to go. We can only hope that Chelsea mess this up. Its their’s to lose.

  4. Tony Davies says:

    Well said Daniel – I have never been a reactive ‘firer’, but I truly believe that Pellegrini has run out of ideas and it is time for him to show he can change, or go……
    There is a fantasy around the club, perpetuated by our senior management, that we can become another Barcelona – well we can’t, and should stop aspiring to a false dream. Concentrate on being Manchester City !!

  5. sheriff says:

    City player’s are world class players all they need a coach like morinho to bring out the Best in them, even if MP stays for 100 years nothing will change.
    My reasons are simple
    1,a manager with ambition to win UEFA CL and can’t organise, built a defence in 2 years shows his lack of deep understanding of modern football.

    2, Can’t differenciate the quality between players that are leaving or going on loan and players his buying to improve the team.

    3, can’t admit to mistakes and naive then the rest is history.
    Its time for the management to act fast before key players begin to loose hope and leave, players like toure , aguero, Silva, are hard to get.
    I rest my case.

  6. mark says:

    No progression is the problem.The signings of Txi have been woeful as has MP’s strategy against the big teams. He is clueless.
    The squad is mature and needs overhaul but the current incumbents cannot be trusted with the funds. Nastasic shipped out and Mangala in at £32M says it all. Buffoons.

  7. Connor says:

    Whilst the majority of the fault does lay with Pelli, some of our first team players would struggle to get in a mid-table side in their current form. I’m sure some of this is down to motivation and lack of belief in the system, but that can’t be the only reason. For me, the only players who can hold their heads up high at the end of the season are Clichy, Silva (obviously), Milner & Aguero.

    Unless we somehow manages to win either the league or the CL, Pelli will be gone, and good riddance.

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