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Published on May 17th, 2015 | by Daniel Cheeseman


Swansea City 2-4 Manchester City | Daniel Cheeseman

“Super Joey Hart!”

There were plenty of individual performances and pivotal moments worth noting today, but the one which stood out for me by far was Joe Hart’s and the saves he made over the course of the game.

The number of times that the England #1 had to make up for some extremely lacklustre defending – particularly on Eliaquim Mangala’s part – today was unbelievable, and I honestly believe that without him in goal it’d have been a very different result.

The first of Joe’s 3 key saves came in the first half, after Mangala’s audition for a slapstick comedy resulted in a chance being put on a plate for Nathan Dyer; had that goal gone in Garry Monk’s side would have deservedly taken the lead.

Both the second and third of Joe’s crucial saves came at a point when Swansea were pressing for another equalizer late in the second half, and I’m sure you’ll agree that his save to prevent Fernández’s header was as good as anything you’ll ever see.

If even just one of those shots had gone in the roof would have come off the Liberty Stadium, shifting all the momentum in Swansea’s favour, and so in the end I’m just relieved that Joe was there to save the day again!

Yaya Torue and James Milner

Obviously a huge amount of credit also has to go to Yaya Toure today; not only did he score the opener, but he also scored the goal which regained our lead after Swansea equalized.

For the Ivorian to play as he did today after only just returning from injury reminds you of how special a player he really is, and so I hope the club do anything and everything they can to hold onto him this Summer.

In summary, while you could argue that today’s game should have run more smoothly (by our standards); it could also have very easily gone wrong – so let’s just be thankful that we have world class players like Joe and Yaya in our side!

City’s last game (and my last blog) of the season comes next Sunday against Southampton – so here’s hoping that we can have one last hurrah after what has been another very interesting season with Manuel Pellegrini in charge!


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  1. Peter Knowles says:

    Joe Hart was spectacular and deserved some recognition, not only by City fans. I have made a complaint to the BBC regarding ‘Match of the Day’ viewer polls, which you and others might be interested in and might want to follow up with your own complaint (the complaint was made after this week’s [last match of the season] programme):

    Last week, the ‘save of the season’ viewers were not allowed to vote on saves made in the matches shown that day (particularly the Joe Hart save) because they were ‘too late to be included’, yet this week, for the goal of the season, viewers were allowed to include goals from the matches shown, particularly the Arsenal goal which won the poll. There is evident bias against some teams and the BBC should publish which teams the editorial staff support to be more transparent and should be more consistent in the way they conduct such polls. For transparency, I am a Manchester City supporter and would have liked Joe Harts magnificent effort, against Swansea City last week, to have been included. Instead we were offered saves that were nowhere near as good. The BBC has left itself open to complaint because of bias yet again!

    Peter Knowles, Lifelong Manchester City supporter

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