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Published on August 11th, 2015 | by Daniel Cheeseman


West Brom 0-3 Manchester City | Daniel Cheeseman

“Mission: Possible!”

Isn’t it great to be back? As much as I enjoy my holidays, the warm weather (occasionally) and long days during the summer break, I can’t help constantly feeling like there’s a huge part of me missing while the football season is over.

I tried on several occasions to satisfy my cravings by watching the odd pre-season friendly and occasionally playing a game of FIFA (forgive me, I’m only 20), but absolutely nothing comes close to the real deal. Nothing.

I’ll tell you another thing that’s great – silencing the doubters. It feels like the majority of pundits and fans have had almost nothing good to say about City in the build up to the new season, focusing more on the petty negatives rather than the plentiful positives, so seeing the Blues perform like they did last night must have been a hard pill to swallow for those persistent pessimists.

West Brom 0-3 Manchester City (Yaya)

Saying that, I must say it’s quite nice to be regarded as the “underdog” in the race for the Premier League title for once, as it means that the players (and fans for that matter) don’t have that same weight of expectation on their shoulders 24/7 – so for now I say let them think what they want to think!

In terms of the game, I thought the Blues were absolutely fantastic from start to finish, as they showed a level of maturity and consistency that we’re not used to seeing from Manuel Pellegrini’s men. Usually, the pattern seems to be that we either start well and finish badly, or start badly and finish well, but last night they strayed from the norm and undoubtedly impressed the onlookers.

I can’t tell you how happy I was to see the old Yaya back at The Hawthornes last night, even though I don’t think he performed as below-par last season as some people are claiming, I did still notice a significant upgrade on the Ivorian’s part. But while I thought Yaya was exceptional in midfield, for me the clear Man of the Match was David Silva. The Spaniard was on another planet to the rest of the players yesterday evening, he was so good that it actually got to the point where I almost felt sorry for some of the West Brom players; his ball control, vision, passing and dribbling were breathtaking.

West Brom 0-3 Manchester City (Raheem)I also thought there were promising signs from Raheem Sterling, despite the fact that I was pretty disappointed that he didn’t get on the scoresheet. Even during his time at Liverpool, I’ve always said that if the England international can perfect his end product he’ll become one of the best attackers in the Premier League, as all the other aspects of his game are already of star quality, if not very near. I have no doubt that he’ll improve as the season goes along.

69% possession and 692 total passes speaks for itself in terms of showing how much we dominated the game, and I honestly believe that if they can play anything like that against the bigger teams in the League and Europe this season that they’ll definitely be bringing some silverware back to the Etihad this season.

I’m aware that we’re only one game in, and for all I know one bad result could change everything, so I’m not going to get too carried away at this moment in time – but what I will say is that City’s ambitions this season are far from impossible like some people are making them out to be. Another thing you have to remember is that they did all that without the help of Sergio Aguero for most of the game – which is surely a worrying thought for Jose Mourinho in the build up to this weekend!

For now, let’s let people think what they want to think; it’s only words at this stage, and as far as I’m concerned ACTIONS speak louder than WORDS – and that’s exactly what the boys did when all eyes were on them on Monday night!


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  1. Wes says:

    Still don’t know how Gardner and Yacob stayed on the pitch for WBA, the only way they could handle erlin was to hack him down, if they could get near him , that is

  2. Wes says:

    Obviously that last post should have said “Merlin”

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