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Published on October 3rd, 2015 | by Daniel Cheeseman


Manchester City 6-1 Newcastle | Daniel Cheeseman

“Back with a bang!”

It was only a matter of time until the Blues bounced back from their dip in form, but I don’t think anybody expected them to return in quite that fashion.

It’s a rare occurrence to see your team – or any team for that matter – score 6 goals in a game, but when 5 of those come from just one player in only 20 minutes you know you’ve witnessed something special. Given the money we’ve spent you could argue that we should be thrashing teams like Newcastle anyway, but even with that in mind nothing can prepare you for the euphoria you feel a after a result like that!

It looked like we were in for another upset as the Geordies applied pressure to our fragile defence early on, but thankfully the Blues managed to keep the margin to just one goal long enough for Sergio to score his first of the afternoon and kick start the rest of the team.

I’ve got to say that I thought there was a big improvement when Raheem Sterling was subbed off at half time, in the opening 45 minutes the England international was very sloppy in possession (as he has been for most of the season) which played perfectly into Newcastle’s counter-attacking style of play. Another reason I thought we were better after the break is because Pellegrini put Navas at right wing, which pushed Kevin de Bruyne more inside (to where he’s more effective) so that he could interact more with David Silva and Sergio Aguero.

Manchester City 6-1 Newcastle

Once those three got going it was always going to be difficult for any team to keep them at bay, and sure enough the floodgates soon opened and Sergio Aguero found himself on the end of virtually every single pass from two of the world’s best playmakers. In what seemed like only a blink of an eye City found themselves 6-1 up and the game was won, but given the mood they were in it could have easily gone on to be a cricket score.

Now, I know this might sound a bit greedy, but I personally thought we pulled the plug a bit too early on Saturday. Just when the Blues had built up a head of steam and got the Etihad really bouncing, things came to an abrupt halt when Sergio Aguero was subbed off shortly after his fifth goal. In my opinion, the best option would have been to leave the Argentine on for another 10 minutes or so to see if he could break any more records, but unfortunately the manager saw keeping him injury-free to be more important in this situation – but I suppose he’s probably too important to risk nowadays.

It’s unfortunate that Kevin de Bruyne and David Silva both had performances like they did on the same day that Sergio Aguero scored 5 goals, as on any other day they could have both been Man of the Match contenders for their fantastic contributions to the team. Saying that, I’m sure that between them they’ll get the credit they deserve over the course of the season if they continue to play like that! 😉

Overall, you couldn’t have asked for anything more from City this weekend and it was great to see them respond far better after half time compared to last week’s game at White Hart Lane. Hopefully we can get to the other side of the international break now with no new injuries and a return for a couple of our injured warriors in Vincent Kompany and Yaya Toure!


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  1. Bob Fasoli says:

    I don’t agree with all this criticism of Sterling. The difference is the full back he had to play with. Zabba continued to bomb past Navas and make runs for the return pass. Plus Navas got the ball, generally in space with room in front of him. Sterling on the other hand had a very laconic player in Kolorov, who rarely ran past him. Passes played to Sterling were delayed such that he generally got the ball with no space. The one time he did he bombed passed the Newcy full back to the edge of the penalty area and had to be brought down as the only way to stop him. City must learn to play to peoples strengths. Sterlings is pace. No use giving him the ball when he was doubel and treble teamed.

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