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Published on November 8th, 2015 | by Daniel Cheeseman


Aston Villa 0-0 Manchester City | Daniel Cheeseman

“A Classless Draw”

I’m not gonna lie, writing about a 0-0 draw against Aston Villa isn’t exactly the sort of blog where ideas bounce right off the keyboard – so forgive me if this one’s a bit lackluster!

It’s ironic that I’ve gone from calling my previous blog “A Masterclass in Europe” to describing the following game as “A Classless Draw”, but in my defence this one’s aimed at both teams. Whereas City lacked class because of their inability to put away several golden chances in the 6-yard box, in Villa’s case it was their incessant use of unsporting tactics that left a sour taste on their solid performance.

I’m not usually one to express my emotions in games, but I must admit I had my head in my hands in pure frustration on a couple of occasions. The two moments that proved to be the most frustrating were the Raheem Sterling header and the Kevin de Bruyne “flick”,  I understand that it’d be impossible to score with every attempt at goal, but even if it doesn’t end up going in – at least let it be because the keeper pulled off a great save!

Had one of those chances gone in, I’m sure the Blues would have gained momentum and gone on to score a few more goals, but it just wasn’t our day and it was better that we didn’t concede in our attempt to try and score a winner – as Vincent Kompany wisely said on Twitter after the match.

Regarding Aston Villa’s unsporting conduct, even though I can understand that you sometimes have to play ugly when you’re at the bottom to get results (i.e. throwing everyone behind the ball), I was a little disappointed with how their players dealt with certain situations.

The most notable incident was when Villa’s last sub Rudy Gestede hurled the ball at Joe Hart with pace after we’d kicked it out for an injury. I’ve heard people saying that it was Joe’s fault for not letting him throw it out for a goal kick, but the fact that the Benin international charged him down as soon as the ball was in play tells you his true intentions.


As far as I’m concerned there’s no room for anything like that in football, no matter the circumstances – and had it been the other way around I guarantee I’d have the same feelings.

In just under 2 weeks we play Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool at the Etihad, hopefully by then we’ll see the likes of Sergio Aguero and David Silva back on the team sheet and that some of the other players have worked on their finishing – as you certainly can’t afford to waste chances in the bigger games!


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  1. macca1874 says:

    From perpetual yo-yo club to the unrecognizable, Chelsea-esque plastic vehicle they now are, I’m not sure mcfc can complain about sporting integrity.

    Gestede gestured to the man city goalkeeper that he was going to throw the ball out of play so the Blues could have a goal kick but the man city keeper was having none of it and was looking to unsportingly punt the ball down the field whilst TWO Villans (Gestede and N’Zogbia) were off the field of play. Fortunately for Villa, the hapless keeper fluffed his control.

    I applaud Gestede and the Villa squad’s attitude at this point and their desire to get the three points. God willing, that moment will prove to be the turning point in this fine young squad’s season. UTV. AVFC Ireland.

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