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Published on November 27th, 2015 | by Daniel Cheeseman


Juventus 1-0 Manchester City | Daniel Cheeseman

“A disappointing week”

In a week that’s seen City humiliated at the hands of Liverpool in their own back yard, it felt like the Blues needed to put in a good performance on Wednesday night to win back some of the more pessimistic fans – but unfortunately it ended up being another anticlimax as they simply weren’t good enough again in Turin.

I’m not actually as bothered about the result as I am with the performance – considering we’ve already qualified for the last 16 – the thing that concerned me the most was that we still didn’t look that impressive against a side that currently lie 6th in the Serie A table.

Far too many wasted chances were wasted on the night; Fernandinho and Sterling in particular should have scored.

There were also examples of sloppy defending again. It’s become very noticeable that City are able to catch the opposition in offside positions more efficiently when Vincent Kompany is playing – as when he’s in charge they maintain a great defensive line and move together as a unit, but without the skipper organizing things it can be much less disciplined.

Juventus 1-0 Manchester City (2)

I felt our build up was too slow again – even as a massive Yaya Toure fan, I can’t deny he’s guilty of slowing the game down too much at times. Others were at fault for doing that too, but the Ivorian always catches the most attention because of his reputation.

Even though you could argue that Fernandinho and Aguero were still on their way back from missing games, I don’t think we had a strong enough team on the pitch to have the luxury of being able to take off those two crucial players.

I can’t deny that the moment they were substituted off – it felt like the Blues were throwing in the towel.

Saying that, I might have been eating my words had Raheem Sterling taken his golden chance – but alas he somehow managed to miss what seemed to be a certain goal.

Overall, it was another very frustrating performance from the Blues and the result could have ended up being a lot less flattering had it not been for some heroic actions from Joe Hart – it’s a shame that we always need to learn the hard way while striving to become the best.

On the positive side, its looking like David Silva and/or Wilfried Bony could be back for Southampton at the weekend, so here’s hoping that Merlin will be able to wave his magic wand on Saturday and fix some of the problems we’ve been having as of late!


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