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Manchester City 2-1 Norwich City | Daniel Cheeseman

“A Halloween Scare!”

A game which, on paper, looked like it was going to be one of our more straightforward games almost turned out to be one of the shocks of the season – on none other than Hallow’s Eve!

It just goes to show that you can never underestimate your opponent, as more often than not you get punished for complacency rather than for the odd one or two mistakes you make in a game.

Speaking of mistakes, although Joe Hart nearly single-handedly cost us 2 points on Saturday, I thought the way he reacted after the unfortunate incident is what makes him one of the best goalkeepers in the world. It’s very easy to lose your confidence after making a mistake in football, especially when you’re in goal as there’s nowhere to hide, so for Joe to dust himself off and pull off a fantastic save shortly after tells you a lot about his character.

Hart’s blunder was further forgotten when the Blues earned themselves a penalty in the dying embers of the game, but it was a good job that Yaya Toure was still on the field to take it as there wasn’t many other good options left once de Bruyne and Iheanacho had gone off!

In all honesty the game could, and maybe should, have been killed off earlier had it not been for some poor finishing yet again. Wilfried Bony in particular lacked a lot of composure in front of goal and made poor decisions on several occasions, but I’ll save that for another day as I’ve talked a lot about him recently!

Manchester City 2-1 Norwich City (2)

It’s worth noting how superb Nicolas Otamendi was at the back again, he was the Man of the Match against United last weekend and fully deserved that accolade again on Saturday. The Argentinian is proving to be the ideal partner for Vincent Kompany in defence, and we now also know that he offers another aerial threat from corners by his picture perfect header to make it 1-0.

I must say it’s extremely satisfying to see us finally scoring from corners again, as that’s definitely something we’ve been lacking in recent seasons. Having players who can head the ball is a vastly underrated part of the games these days, as it can often win you games when you’re up against a side who’s hard to break down from open play – so let’s hope they continue to keep it up!

In the end I think it’s safe to say that it wasn’t one of the more memorable games from the Blues again, but I think you have to accept that you can’t always win every game by 4, 5 or 6 goals and that sometimes you have to just grind out an ugly win. Come the end of the season these 3 points may prove to be vital, and if they do then I’m sure we won’t be bothered in the slightest that we “barely beat Norwich at home” – as they all count!

On Tuesday night we play Sevilla in what could be the game that puts us through to the last 16, should we win and Juventus beat Borussia. But even if we don’t win (as long as we avoid defeat) I’m confident that we’ll get through to the knockout stages again this year – but for now we’ll just have to wait and see!


p.s. I apologize for not writing a blog after the Palace game last week – I was extremely busy and had no time to write it unfortunately! Hopefully this blog has made up for it though 🙂

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