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Published on December 10th, 2015 | by Daniel Cheeseman


Manchester City 4-2 Monchengladbach | Daniel Cheeseman

“Football in a nutshell”

Isn’t it amazing how often in this sport you can go from feeling low and depressed to being on cloud 9, all within the space of just a few minutes?

From looking like it was going to be another disappointing night for City in the Champions League, suddenly we’re sitting at the top of Group D and hearing people saying that we could potentially go all the way in this competition. Crazy.

If there’s one thing that the Blues can do better than anyone else; it’s leaving everything to the last possible minute. For nearly 80 minutes (not counting those 3 minutes in the first half while we were in the lead) we were left frustrated and staring down the barrel of another colossal last 16 draw, only for them to turn on the magic in the dying embers of the game.

Do they enjoy watching us suffer? Or do they just want to make sure we get our money’s worth? Who knows. But I suppose that’s just the life of being a City fan!

Saying that, for the neutral it was probably one of the most entertaining games of the year – as it was the definition of a tale of two halves.

Borussia dominated the first, whereas City were the clear winners of the second. But while the Blues were on top after the break, it was obvious that changes still needed to be made in order to push them over the line – and I think Manuel Pellegrini deserves a lot of credit for doing just that.

Manchester City 4-2 Monchengladbach (2)

The decision to bring Navas and Bony on for de Bruyne and Delph around the hour mark was the right one and came at the perfect time while Borussia were beginning to look tired.

Navas offered his usual lightning pace down the wings (the last thing the Germans needed at that time), while Wilfried Bony gave their defence a big target man to have to deal with.

I could sense straight away that a goal was imminent, with the only question being whether or not the Blues would have it in them to score another and take the lead – which thankfully, they did.

Having started this season’s Champions League campaign with a home defeat to Juventus, I bet not many would have put their money on City finishing top of the group, so to still do that is a big achievement that they should be proud of.

If I had to pick a Man of the Match, I’d probably say that Raheem Sterling deserves it for scoring 2 and creating 1, but David Silva and Yaya Toure both came a very close second for being excellent all game.

Overall, while there were still some shaky moments in the first half, it was a much more convincing performance than the one against Stoke at the weekend, and ended up being another great advert for the Champions League alongside many other games.

Something we’ve not managed to do well this season is to carry on the momentum from a good win onto the next game, but as we were reminded on Tuesday evening – anything can happen in football – so let’s stay optimistic going into Saturday!


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One Response to Manchester City 4-2 Monchengladbach | Daniel Cheeseman

  1. Bob Fasoli says:

    Can’t agree with the taking off of KDB and Delph. Delph was one of our best players in the first half. KDB was not at his best but Navas was no better. Yes he looks good in full flight when he has space in front of him, but then…..he hasn’t a clue. No final ball. I am quite a fan of Bony but ina all honesty I don’t think he made that much difference. The reason for the change? BM took there foot off. Decided that they could sit back on the 2-1 lead they had. Hence no pressure was put on the back 4 and we were able to play in areas that suited us.

    David Silva looked back to his best (how did he win the header that lead to the 4th goal) Sterling showed what he can do with space in front of him.

    The defence was awful, why? I’ll tell you why. You can play with two centre backs and two attcking full backs..just. But you can’t play with wing backs (as City tried to do in the first half) and two centre backs. You have to play with three at the back so that bigs gaps are not left when the opposition counter attacks. Where the heck was Kolorov? The center back, Mangala and Otemendi looked all over the place in the first half because they had to try and cover so much ground. In the second half they were less under pressure because BM failed to push forward and hence looked quite solid.

    Ya Ya is at the heart of a lot of the problems. When he picked up the ball and bursts forward he looks a really exiting player. But too often we see him loloping around at leaving big gaps in front of the centrehalves.

    Great great second half, but I think mainly down to BM than any changes MP made. Lets see how we respond to Managerless Swansea.

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