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Which Premier League fans have to travel the furthest?

Football is life for us, we eat, sleep and breath it. We support our teams through the glory days of winning the Premier League, to the bad days when relegation looms, but one thing for sure is that we support our teams to the end!

The Premier League season 2015/2016 has been a crazy season so far, from high flying underdogs Leicester surprising us all leading the race for the title, to the Premier League leaders Chelsea in the bottom end of the table.

Harrison and Rowley have done the number crunching and bring to you an infographic showing how much every Premier League team travels through the season; the results found have been surprising!

Premier League Travelling Infographic

Newcastle and Sunderland lead the top 2 positions as the most travelled teams. As they are situated far in the North, it is understandable that they have to travel more than central teams. The teams in the bottom 3 that travel the least are Aston Villa, Leicester and West Brom, the Midlands teams.

Could travelling less be the reason why Leicester City are top of the league? With Newcastle the most travelling team could this be the reason why they are at the bottom of the league?

We’ll let you decide for yourself!

Check out the original article on Harrison and Rowley’s website: http://harrisonandrowley.co.uk/news/infographic-premier-league-travels-2015-2016-season/

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