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Published on June 23rd, 2016 | by maxbloggs


The Contrasting Childhoods of Two City fans

I was recently sat in the pub (as you do) and was introduced to someone and as we got chatting the conversation quickly got to football. When I was asked who I support, I was surprised at the reaction and response.

Those of you who may be as old as me will remember the sympathetic sigh’s and patronizings smiles people used to make when you mentioned that you supported Manchester City. Well those days are well and truly over and this time I was asked, ‘Are you a new city fan? Or have you supported them for a while?’ I was a little taken a back at this and proceeded to explain that I have supported Manchester City for 40 years and been a season ticket holder for 35 of them!

I started to reflect on the often miserable football we endured (away to Colchester, Wycombe & York) whilst those across the road in Trafford were winning back to back titles, doubles & even a treble. Having to go to school in those days and be ridiculed for our lack of success was particularly hard to take. I then compared that to my son who in his very brief time on this planet has seen City win 1 fewer trophy than I have in 40 years!

MY LIFETIME (1976 – 2016) MY SON’S LIFETIME (2010 – 2016)
League Division 1 Champions 2001/02 FA Cup Winners 2010/11
FA Premier League Champions 2011/12 FA Premier League Champions 2011/12
FA Cup Winners 2010/11 FA Community Shield Winners 2012
FA Community Shield Winners 2012 Football League Cup Winners 2013/14
Football League Cup Winners 2013/14 FA Premier League Champions 2013/14
FA Premier League Champions 2013/14 Football League Cup Winners 2015/16
Football League Cup Winners 2015/16  

I often try to explain to him the history of the club and how lucky he is to see us not only winning trophies but challenging at the very pinnacle of European football and watching genuinely world-class superstars on a weekly basis. We are truly blessed and are finally being re-paid for all those years of suffering. #CTID #they will never understand.

Paul Lake Robinho
David White Yaya Toure
Shaun Goater Sergio Aguero
Georgi Kinkladze David Silva
Uwe Rossler Vincent Kompany
Keith Curle Samir Nasri
Colin Hendry Carlos Tevez

As a new dawn descends upon the blue ¾ of Manchester with Pep Guardiola taking the reigns I think it is fair to say this is merely the beginning. I was recently at the Etihad campus and saw a quote on the wall by Sheikh Mansour which summed this up perfectly, “We are building a structure for the future not just a team of all-stars.” Manchester thanks you Sheikh Mansour for literally changing our lives forever.


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