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Welcome to the Cyprus Citizens !!


Welcome to our spanking new website hosted within the MCFC Supporters Club network.

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Thank you for your unwavering support to Manchester City FC.

Celebrating the Premiership on the beach !!


John and Lynn (UK members) with hopefully the first of many……



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  1. John Morgan says:

    Excellent site guys. I know Limassol fairly well as I spent 3 years there in the mid ’80s. . . . I’m envious to say the least. Last in Cyprus in late 2012 stayed out at Khirikotia? . . .lovely spot too, about 25mins from Limassol on the Nicosia highway.
    Can we secure 4 cups this season? Although you would feel its a long-shot my belief is unswerving and I can say quite emphatically that I do share the blue blood that is endemic with supporting THE CITY!!! IN OTHER WORDS WE CAN DO IT!!!!
    The Taps bar looks cool and comfortable and I wish you all well for the remainder of the season (and beyond, naturally) Good health and good luck. . . . Kalispera. John Morgan. Cork, Ireland.

    • Mark Blackwell says:

      Kali Mera John and Happy New Year
      Congratulations on being the first proper post we’ve had !! We’ve had about 50 Spams since website was launched so it’s nice to know humans are reading it too !! Nice place Khirikitia, one of our members lives in next village along (Tochni) and drives in for the games…
      4 pots would be nice, greedy mind, but still nice… Will settle for domestic treble this season – don’t want Manuel losing his appetite lol !!
      TAPS is superb – it really is our ‘home’ – There have been some ‘massive’ local matches recently that KO times clash with ours but our ‘exec box’ is always reserved lol and we never miss a game !! I assume you are a member of the Cork branch so please pass on all our best wishes to the members there and tell them they are always welcome to join us at TAPS if on holiday/business here !! All the best and be good !! Mark – CTWD !!

      • JOHN MORGAN says:

        Hi Mark! Apologies for not responding any earlier, have had a busy period with college. Good to know that TAPS is kickin’ and respecting your needs, (at this point a glass is raised). Have fond memories of Limassol and the island in general, Tochni rings a bell too, sure me and the good lady either passed through or stopped for a meal. Can’t quite recall which, sorry. On to City. . . tough match tonight with the Cockney swaggerers, though I’m confident with a home win and to leapfrog ‘The Arse’ and put us up where we belong. 2– will serve our purposes, more would be divine. Best Wishes from Cork, John Morgan.
        PS: Ex- chairman of the Cork Supporters Club, however life’s demands do have a habit of sneaking up behind one with a baseball bat and delivering an unexpected blow. In other words I do still join the club for matches once in a while; and fly over to Manchester when the bank manager will allow it. Suffice to say Mark I’m City thru and thru and CTID!!!!

        • Mark says:

          Cheers John – Best wishes to you and yours mate !!

          • john morgan says:

            Hey Mark & good fellow Cyprus Citizens. Huge match this evening, hope all the beers are lined up (or the brandies) in anticipation. A good a night as any to upset the Spanish league leaders and a good night too to showcase our exciting and flowing football. Prediction: ??? I would certainly love to believe city can score at least 3 with Barca a possible 1. I’m blue, but certainly not melancholy. . . blue heaven is where my heart surely resides. Good luck and best wishes from Cork. Yianni Morgan.

          • Mark says:

            Kali Mera John – please see comments below – Cheers – Mark

  2. Pete says:

    Hi Cyprus Blues,
    I am in Paphos in May, are there any Man City bars.

    • Mark Blackwell says:

      Hi Pete – thanks for your post – We don’t know of any off the top of our heads but a blue who lives nearer to Paphos is going to ask around and will let us know – what dates are you over because there is an excellent,cheap bus service between Paphos and Limassol (takes about 1 hour) if your visit coincides with a game(s) ?

      • Pete says:

        Hi Mark.
        I will be in Cyprus for two weeks between 28th may and 11th June.
        My mate has just called me a plonker, he said–the season will be over by then! Hopefully with 3 CUPS***

        • Mark says:

          Hi Pete
          No problem – If you want to come over and meet for a beer anyway, gives us a call – contact numbers are on this site
          3 Cups ? I hope so at least lol !!

  3. john morgan says:

    Hey Mark! How goes it for you and the Cypriot SC? All well I hope. Another 3 points courtesy of the potters, but I do feel we could have done more . . . more . . . more. Maybe next time with a little dexterity up front. I’m sure Mr Pellegrini knows what he’s about. . . . or does he? Besides City for the Premiership. CTID. JM

    • Mark says:

      Hi John – sorry have only just seen this and the post re Barca match – I am supposed to get an automatic e-mail when someone posts so I know a comment has been made and I can ‘approve’ it – I check my e-mails daily but not the website so apologies for late reply – the matter is being looked into !! Yeah, bit flat after Barca game – They might have ‘been there for the taking’ but not with that team !! We played better with 10 men when Nasri came on – Dzeko and Demichelis are liabilities at the moment but, heyho, no players are bigger or smaller than the club and we fight on… Here’s to next Sunday and hopefully the first ‘pot’ !! CTWD Mark

      • John Morgan says:

        Hi Mark. No worries about response time to tweets as I am not on the web everyday, therefore u may let it slide for some time. Would not feel offended in any way, we’re both on this more than ‘BLUE’ planet for a reason. . . CITY!!!!. Cheers Mark. Hey! . . . maybe we could score 3 at the Nou !!! CTID. JM.

  4. Dennis White says:

    Hi Mark I am a Scottish man city fan based in paphos.I played alongside Willie Donnachie as a youngster before he signed for city as a seventeen year old thought I was a better player than him!Used to travel down to the Etihad about eight times a season when I was in Ayrshire bit of a camel trek but it was great win or lose.Last game I was at was the 4-1 defeat of man utd this season.Watch most games at home in paphos as no real man city bar down here.Will see how the season pans out and come up and see you guys for one of the crunch games on the run in

    • Mark says:

      Hi Dennis – Kali Mera – good to hear from you – Shame about Willie and that alleged stuff up at Newcastle – We used to accommodate City youth players under the Royle/Donachie managerial era and spoke to Willie a few times at reserve/youth games – never struck me as a guy who would ‘lose it’ – could do with him as LB now, but if you were better than him maybe you should get your boots out and give Manuel a call ? I know Ayrshire’s a big place but one of the lads we had stayin was Michael Brown (the goalkeeper from Stranraer) – never knew what happened to him ? How long you been in Paphos ? There used to be a massive ‘blue’ bar in Kato Paphos in the 90’s but it closed – the owners were Cypriots but dont know what happened to them ? We are really trying to spread the word around the island but it’s difficult – We know people from Larnaca,Nicosia and Paphos are’nt going to come to Limassol every game but it would be good if we had ‘mini-branches’ in these places and could possibly meet at each others venues once a month for big games ? Would also be good for people on hols/business in these places to know there was a ‘friendly’ bar to go to lol – Anyway, keep in touch and let us know if you’re coming over – Cheers Mark CTWD

      • Dennis White says:

        Hi Mark you are correct about Willie Donachie a quiet guy really even Pardew commented to that effect.Ihave been back and forward UK to Cyprus for 10 years now but am here indefinitely now.Will come up for one of the crunch games towards the end of the season.Regards Dennis.

  5. John Morgan says:

    CITY 3 – 1 sunderland. First blood (blue blood that is) of the season, let’s enjoy the moment and see if we might replicate this achievement a few more times. “I’m Blue dabba dee dabba di, dabba dee dabba di- i”. CTID. JM.

  6. John Morgan says:

    Hey Mark, how’s all in the supporters club? All in good form I trust. Barca was a bit of a farca, but we can chalk it down to experience I guess. Are ye all ready for the imminent title clash with the red scousers? It’s gonna be tough without a doubt. . . . however I do believe in City’s ability to pull this one off with a very tight victory. Best wishes from Corcaigh, John.

    • Mark says:

      Hi John – Further to previous – I sincerely apologise for late reply again but I am supposed to get an e-mail every time someone posts on here and it has not been happening – Hopefully it will be sorted asap !!!

  7. John Morgan says:

    Hi Mark! How’s all in the Cyprus club? All healthy and ready for the Neverton clash I hope. It’s a hugely important game as you well know and I feel that this IS the one that will decide the premiership title. Silva is available and that in itself is a massive plus for the squad. . . . “I’m blue, I’m blue blooded, blue chip, blue in the face, blue ribboned and totally and utterly . . . true blue. CTID!”. . . .JOHN M

  8. Dennis White says:

    Hi Mark, That was a hard fought win, at this stage all that matters is the result. Hope to come up and see you guys for the West Ham match.Regards Dennis in Paphos.

    • Mark says:

      Hi Dennis – Further to previous – I sincerely apologise for late reply but I am supposed to get an e-mail every time someone posts on here and it has not been happening – Hopefully it will be sorted asap !!! Yep, one nervous, sweaty palm on that nice pot !! It would be great to see you on Sunday – 2 of our members are overseas so we could do with the numbers bolstering for what should, hopefully, be a celebration !! Best Regards

  9. John Morgan says:

    FFFFFFFFOOOOOUUUUURRRRR—– NNNNIIIILLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!! One to go . . . . . Let’s give ’em a good hammerin’ CTID. JM.

  10. Mark says:

    Congrats to the lads – knew they wouldn’t let us down lol …. Big thanks to our hosts at TAPS for everything they did – Big welcome to Dennis and Elaine for making the trip over from Paphos – hope you enjoyed it !! CTWD

    • Dennis White says:

      Hi Mark & Co

      We enjoyed your hospitality. I had a celebration drink once I got back home.
      Will call in and see you next season, hope we can retain the title this time.

      Best Regards

      Dennis & Elaine

  11. John Morgan says:

    Hi Mark! It’s been a while, however I’d just love to write ” Champions” and desire that all in Limassol is as blue as one can possibly imagine. Best Wishes J.Morgan.

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