MCFC Denver was established in early 2013 by Pete Wright, Todd Brossart and Joe Beauprez for the purpose of bringing Blues from all around the Denver area together for matches and events.  The 3 of them have been Blues since the dark days of Division 2 football and on through to Stuart Pearce.  They’re well educated on the history of the club and extremely passionate in their support.

Joe Beauprez, Todd Brossart, Pete Wright

Since our formation we’ve grown to average at least 8-10 City fans per match.  For larger matches we are up to 15-20 and growing.

Unfortunately we were photo-bombed by a Chelsea Supporter.

Our official pub is the British Bulldog in the Lower Downtown district of Denver.  We also do have viewing parties on occasion at the Three Lions Pub.

We welcome any MCFC Supporters from around the United States and the world to join us if you’re in our great City of Denver.

In order to join us for a match and gain more information on watch parties and events.  Join our facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/MCFCDenver/.



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