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Published on January 25th, 2016 | by Daniel Cheeseman


“Unsurprising” | Daniel Cheeseman

Having correctly predicted the scoreline before a ball was even kicked on Saturday, it was hardly a surprise to me when the game finished 2-2 and panned out the way it did at Upton Park.

Of course, nobody could have seen West Ham’s goal in the first minute coming – but it wouldn’t be a football match if there wasn’t at least one surprise over the 90 minutes, would it? 😉

Again, on paper, the side Manuel Pellegrini fielded at the weekend should have been more than capable of beating Slaven Bilić’s side, but several important players under-performed as they have done for the last few weeks.

For their standards, David Silva and Kevin De Bruyne were both very quiet again in midfield, and it’s beginning to be a cause for concern. If players like that aren’t playing up to standard, then who else do we have in the squad that’s good enough to fill their boots? Beats me.

I know that it’s unreasonable to expect every player to play at the top of their game in every single match, but to see players of their undeniable talent shining on only one or two occasions over the 90 minutes is disappointing to say the least.

Another problem the Blues found themselves with is that they didn’t have anywhere near as much possession as they’re used to. Whenever City weren’t on the ball they might as well have been bystanders, as there was very little attempt or urgency to win it back – which has been a recurring theme this season.

West Ham 2-2 Manchester City (2)

I’ve been generally very supportive and impressed by Nicolas Otamendi this season, but even I thought the Argentinian’s defending on Saturday was comical at times – particularly for the home side’s second goal.

While you could argue that Demichelis didn’t offer much help, Otamendi’s ‘attempt’ at defending West Ham’s throw-in for their second goal was embarrassing, and I’m sure he hung his head in shame as he watched the highlights on Match of the Day.

As for the substitutions, I thought that Manuel made the wrong decision in taking off Fabian Delph – who alongside Sergio Aguero was the best player in City colours. Not only did that substitution mean that Delph was off the field, but it also left Yaya exposed in midfield (which then had to be corrected later by bringing on Fernando) – so why on earth did he do it?

I don’t want to sound depressing here, but when you realise that we’ve only managed to get 1 point out of a possible 6 from West Ham this season, is it just me that thinks it’s not the sort of form you’d expect from a side hoping to win the title?

When you add to that the fact that City have nearly always blown it when given the chance to capitalize on teams dropping points around them this season, it can only leave you frustrated.

I suppose the positives are that we didn’t lose and that it should make Wednesday’s game against Everton all the more interesting, considering that both teams will be looking to bounce back – so I suppose we’ll have to wait and see who wants it more!


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